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Personal liability insurance

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Mishaps can happen before you know it and leave you facing a costly bill for damage. Personal liability insurance protects you financially if you cause damage to other people or property.



Are you welcoming refugees from Ukraine into your home? We think this is a wonderful thing to do – which is why we are supporting you in your efforts. We are insuring all refugees under your household contents and personal liability insurance, at no extra cost.


We view host families and refugees living together as a household. That is why every refugee you welcome into your home will automatically be covered under your existing policy.


What does the insurance cover encompass?

The general conditions of your existing contract remain in effect: we are solely expanding the cover to include people who have become part of your household. This expanded insurance cover will likely stay in place until the end of 2022. We are monitoring and evaluating the situation on an ongoing basis.


What should you do now?

You do not need to notify us in advance. In the event of a claim, you merely need to show us official evidence that refugees from Ukraine are living in your household.



Individual insurance

Liability cover for an individual and any minors who are temporarily staying with them.

Family insurance

Liability cover for all persons living together in the same household: spouses, domestic partners, children, brothers, sisters and parents. Children under the age of 26 who no longer live at home are also insured provided they are not gainfully employed. That includes students and apprentices with an additional income. Minors and legally incapacitated adults who are temporarily staying at the home of the policyholder are also insured.

Tenants and homeowners

Whether you rent a place to live or own your own home, our personal liability insurance means you’re always well protected. We cover damage to the apartment you rent. And we’ve got homeowners well covered too. Alteration and repair work are also insured, if these works don’t exceed the total construction amount of CHF 100,000.

Self-employed persons

Self-employed people working in a wide variety of sectors enjoy cover for their professional activities, up to an annual turnover of CHF 25,000. Examples include running a beauty salon, nursery or day-care centre, or working as an actor, writer, musician, hairdresser or sport instructor, or cleaning private households.

Lots of additional options

There are many more options you can include in your basic cover, depending on what ideally matches your needs. Whether you drive someone’s else car, do sport or keep animals: we’re happy to insure you for a wide range of activities. Available supplementary cover includes the riding of horses owned by a third party, kitesurfing, flying model planes, hunting and the keeping of wild animals. What’s more, you can also insure yourself against a reduction in benefits in the event of gross negligence. We will be happy to advise you.

*Discount only applies to new insurance taken out online.