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Personal liability insurance

Covers third-party damage

Accidents can happen in an instant and you can be faced with costly damage. PRISMA Flex personal liability insurance protects you financially if you cause damage to a third party.


Personal liability is one of the most important types of insurance as it pays for damage you cause to a third party: Personal injury, property damage, financial losses and damage caused by tenants. A moment of carelessness can quickly result in costly damage. Thanks to PRISMA Flex personal liability insurance from Generali, you never have to worry. You can conclude it for an individual or as family insurance for everyone living in your household, without any age limits. Our personal liability insurance offers first-class basic cover with a guaranteed sum of CHF 3.5 million or CHF 10 million.


Your risks are as individual as you and your lifestyle. This is why can you supplement your basic cover with a range of add-ons. For example, you can opt for attractive cover for the occasional use of third-party motor vehicles or choose cover for your favourite hobby: hunters, horse riders and model aircraft pilots can obtain the same protection as keepers of wild animals and go-cart drivers. This way, you can design your personal insurance package and only pay for what you really need.

Overview of PRISMA Flex personal liability insurance (basic insurance)



Individual insurance

Liability cover for an individual and any minors temporarily living with that individual.

Family insurance

Liability cover for all persons living in the same household: spouses, cohabiting partners, minors and full-aged children, siblings, parents. The insurance also covers children up to age 25 who are living outside the household and are not gainfully employed (including students/apprentices with additional income) and minors who are temporarily living with the policyholder.

Home owners

Legal protection under criminal law: cover for legal proceedings due to negligent physical injury or property damage. Provision of benefits up to a total amount of CHF 250,000 for various costs related to criminal cases.

Self-employed persons

Childminders, babysitters, operators of crèches, nursery schools and pre-schools, teachers, actors, authors, musicians, sports instructors, ski instructors, crystallographers, hairdressers, photographers, beauty therapists, operators of manicure/pedicure salons and nail studios, cleaners in private households. Self-employed occupations in various industries are insured up to an annual turnover of CHF 25,000.

Athletes or pet owners

Property damage without legal liability is also covered up to CHF 2,000 per incident.



You can expand basic cover with the following supplementary cover:

  • Liability cover for the occasional driving of third-party motor vehicles (passenger vehicles and motorcycles)
  • Additional cover to avoid a reduction of benefits for gross negligence
  • Liability cover for hunters*
  • Liability cover for keepers of wild animals*
  • Liability cover for keepers/owners of racehorses without their own stabling*
  • Liability cover for damage to hired or borrowed horses*
  • Liability cover for kite-surfers*
  • Liability cover for go-cart drivers*
  • Liability cover for keepers of model aircraft/drones (0.5 - 30 kg)*


*Generali will be pleased to advise you on the conclusion of a policy on freephone 0800 881 882.