Legal protection insurance

All-round cover – for any situation

In the car, at home or at work, while living in Switzerland or abroad: legal trouble can happen anywhere. An everyday dispute can rapidly escalate into an expensive legal case. But thanks to comprehensive legal protection insurance, you can relax. We have been using our expertise to help you stand up for your rights for 50 years.

How you benefit

  • Covered in more than 25 branches of law
  • We cover lawyers’ fees, court fees and expert opinion and procedural costs up to a value of CHF 1 million in Switzerland and CHF 500,000 worldwide
  • Enjoy immediate legal protection with no deductible and no minimum disputed sum
  • Get free, personalised legal advice over the phone
  • Benefit from comprehensive service and rapid assistance from legal experts and lawyers
Personal legal protection

Your landlord refuses to repair the broken refrigerator. You have given notice and your employer will not pay for the overtime you have worked. You are refused a hotel room although you reserved and paid for one in advance. Enjoy comprehensive protection against financial and legal risks in all relevant branches of law with personal legal protection insurance.

Motorists’ legal protection

You are not satisfied with your car repair and want to take action against the garage owner. You are involved in a road accident because someone failed to give you right of way. You were speeding and got a huge fine. Our motorists’ legal protection insurance ensures you have legal cover with you.

Real estate legal protection

Your neighbour is planning an extension that will block your view. You are a condominium owner who is unhappy with the cost allocation for renovating the building stairwell. Your new pergola has come loose and damaged your expensive new garden table. Insure your property with the Fortuna TOP personal legal protection insurance optional add-on for real estate or condominium owners with optional landlords’ legal protection.

Combined legal protection

Stay safe wherever you are with a combination of personal legal protection insurance and motorists’ legal protection insurance. Benefit from a combination discount of CHF 20 per year.


You can insure yourself as an individual or as a family. A family is defined as you, your spouse or partner and all persons residing permanently in the same household.


As much legal protection as your lifestyle requires

Do you mainly live in Switzerland or do you spend a lot of time abroad? Do you come into contact with many branches of law or do you only need basic protection? These two types of insurance provide perfect cover for your needs.


Fortuna BASIC – cover for the major aspects of everyday life:

  • Covers the eight major branches of law in Switzerland
  • Insured sum up to CHF 250,000


Fortuna TOP – worldwide protection:

  • Covers more than 25 branches of law worldwide
  • Insured sum up to CHF 1 million
  • Option to include property legaI protection



Important questions

Insurance cover starts on the date stated in the policy, without any waiting period. Pre-existing cases or cases that began before the start of the insurance contract are not covered. TOP legal protection insurance cover is valid in Switzerland and the rest of the world. BASIC legal protection insurance cover is limited to Switzerland.

  • Fast, expert assistance from experienced legal experts and lawyers
  • Assumption of lawyers' fees, court costs and the costs of expert opinions, mediation and court proceedings
  • Reimbursement of litigation costs to the other party
  • Advance of bail to avoid being remanded in custody
  • Costs of travel to court proceedings abroad
  • Translation costs for court proceedings abroad
  • Costs in the event of arrest (up to CHF 500)
  • Free legal advice over the phone

Legal protection insurance FORTUNA Top* WITH WORLDWIDE COVER

Branches of law Personal legal protection
insurance TOP
Motorists' legal protection
insurance TOP
Maximum insured
amount in CHF
Employment law   CH:    1,000,000.–
Licence suspension   CH:    1,000,000.–
Property law CH:    1,000,000.–
Inheritance law   CH:           5,000.–
Vehicle taxation   CH:    1,000,000.–
Vehicle contract law   CH:    1,000,000.–
Rest of world:  500,000.–
Intellectual property law   CH:           5,000.–
Internet law   CH:         100,000.–
Rest of world:     50,000.–
Tenancy law   CH:    1,000,000.–
Neighbours' rights law   CH:         100,000.–
Victim support law CH:    1,000,000.–
Patient law   CH:    1,000,000.–
Personality rights   CH:           5,000.–
Travel law   CH:    1,000,000.–
Rest of world:  500,000.–
Civil damages law CH:    1,000,000.–
Rest of world:  500,000.–
Divorce law   CH:           5,000.–
School law   CH:           5,000.–
Tax law   CH:           5,000.–
Criminal law CH:    1,000,000.–
Rest of world:  500,000.–
Animal law   CH:           5,000.–
Contract law   CH:    1,000,000.–
Rest of world:  500,000.–
Association law   CH:         100,000.–
Insurance law CH:    1,000,000.–

Legal protection insurance FORTUNA Basic* WITH SWISS-WIDE COVER

Branches of law Personal legal protection 
insurance BASIC
Motorists' legal protection 
insurance BASIC
Maximum insured 
amount in CHF
Employment law   CH:    250,000.–
Licence suspension   CH:    250,000.–
Vehicle taxation   CH:    250,000.–
Tenancy law   CH:    250,000.–
Victim support law CH:    250,000.–
Civil damages law CH:    250,000.–
Criminal law CH:    250,000.–

* Decisive are the General Policy Conditions (GPC) 2021


in CHF annually
in CHF annually
Personal legal protection TOP 225.– 290.–
Motorists legal protection TOP 90.– 125.–
Combined legal protection TOP 295.– 395.–
Personal legal protection BASIC 155.– 190.–
Motorists legal protection BASIC 70.– 95.–

Combined legal protection BASIC

205.– 265.–