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Legal issues, sample templates and tips
We constantly encounter legal issues in our everyday lives: There is a fault with your new car. The item you ordered has not been delivered. Or you do not agree with a bill for extra costs. We want to make sure you get what is rightfully yours. To help you, we have put together some templates and sample contracts. You can use them to avoid legal problems in the future and save time and energy.


When landlords, tenants and neighbours do not see eye to eye: stand up for your rights.


Employer treating you unfairly? You do not have to agree with it. Use our templates to lodge a complaint.


Poor-quality work by a tradesperson? Unjustified summons from a debt collection agency? Use our templates and challenge them.


Looking to buy a car? Having problems with the Road Traffic Act? Our sample letters and sample contracts can help.

Do you know our legal protection insurance?

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