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The revision to the Swiss Insurance Contract Act means that new rules apply to all private insurance contracts from  1 January 2022. You can read our article to find out what your benefits are as a customer. You can use our sample templates to easily exercise your new right of cancellation, ordinary right of cancellation and cancellation in the event of a claim, for example.


If you sign an insurance contract, you can cancel it within 14 days. The insurance provider is obliged to notify you of this right of cancellation in a form that allows proof by text. If you are not made aware of your right of cancellation or are not made aware of this until a later time, you have four weeks to exercise it from the date on which you are made aware of it.


Do you want to use your right of cancellation? Then simply use our template.


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Both contracting parties are entitled to ordinary cancellation of the contract after three insurance years have passed, even if the contractual conditions in the General Policy Conditions state otherwise. This provision applies to contracts concluded before 1 January 2022 and is mandatory.


You can use our templates to cancel your contract after three years.


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You are entitled to cancel your insurance after you have reported a claim and the insurance provider has accepted it. Check the General Policy Conditions to see which deadlines have to be met for cancellation. Unless stated otherwise, your cancellation must reach the insurance company no later than when you receive the compensation payment.


You can use our templates to cancel your insurance contract in the event of a claim.


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