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Adverse weather

Hail, storms, flooding – prevention and rapid assistance in the event of a claim

Adverse weather can cause major damage. We show you how to protect yourself and others against hail, storms, rain and flooding. Our expert tips help you prevent damage to your car, home, structures and garden. And if something should happen, you can make a claim quickly and easily – read on to find out how. 

The key factor

adverse weather and protection

What is the best way to prepare for adverse weather? Which insurance covers what type of damage? We answer these important questions for you. As a general rule, do your research and don’t leave it too late to protect yourself.


hail, storms, flooding and Storms

Switzerland is no stranger to hail, storms and flooding. This makes it all the more important to prepare in advance. Read our tips to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings. 

Making a claim

How to Proceed

If storm damage has occurred despite all precautions, report the damage immediately. It is important to take pictures of the damage before cleaning up. Also create a list of the damaged or lost items and specify the price of each one. This will help us to process your claim as quickly as possible.