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Change of address

Please use this form to inform us of any change of address within Switzerland.

Has your living situation changed? We would be happy to give you a quote based on your needs.

digital documents

The requirement for the use of digital documents is access to the customer portal.

Many of our customers have requested it. In addition, we are always looking for ways to reduce our paper consumption and thus help the environment. Digital documents are one option.

Digital documents are simple and straightforward. They provide you with the following advantages:

  • You do not need to wait for a letter. Instead, you can view the digital documents.
  • You do not need to store a paper copy.
  • You always have your documents with you, for example on your mobile phone.

You will receive an e-mail from us when an invoice is available in your customer portal. This e-mail will contain all of the relevant information for the payment. However, you can only view the detailed invoice in the customer portal.

In general, you must choose one or the other. If you opt for paper invoices but you use our customer portal, you will receive both. This is because you will automatically receive documents in the customer portal if you are registered.


Please note: At the moment, not all documents are available online. We are constantly working to provide as many documents as possible online.

No problem. Starting in November, you will be able to specify in the customer portal whether you wish to receive paper documents or not. You can change this setting at any time. If you have not registered yet, you can do so easily on the registration page at Or you can contact our customer service department (+41 58 472 01 01) as well.

No. Nothing will change for you. The switch from paper invoices to digital invoices will have no impact on the payment method. If you would like to change your current payment method, you can contact our customer service department.

You do not need e-banking to switch to digital invoices. You continue to be able to decide yourself how you want to pay the invoices. This does not need to be done via e-banking. Digital invoices are an exact copy of your paper invoices. You simply receive them digitally instead of by post.

We do incur costs for sending paper invoices. That is correct. But we are not currently planning on charging these costs to you.


Please note: Sending digital documents is common practice at many insurance companies and in other industries as well. Therefore, we may in future incur higher costs for postal mailings. Depending on developments, we may need to pass these costs on to you in the future. We therefore recommend that you opt to receive invoices digitally.

In the customer portal, you can already find digital invoices and policies for most of our insurance products. However, we will send you more documents digitally in the future if you would like. This mainly affects documents for the following types of Generali insurance: household insurance, vehicle insurance, accident insurance, buildings insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.

No. If you choose to receive digital invoices, the invoice will only be displayed in your personal customer portal. If you would like us to continue sending the invoice to another address, you must choose to have paper invoices sent by post. However, you can still see your documents in your customer portal.

The customer portal enables you to manage your insurance and services easily, securely and conveniently.
Your advantages at a glance:

  • Insurance and invoices can always be viewed at a glance – any time, anywhere.
  • Check information and status of your premium payments.
  • Pay invoices via credit card.
  • Track your notification status and claim progress in the event of a claim.
  • Premium calculator for new insurance policies: calculate and save directly.
  • Change address details in your profile easily.

No. You can only choose between digital and paper. You cannot choose individual documents separately.

No, registration for the customer portal is a requirement for access to digital documents.

You can register under this link

You will continue to receive a payment reminder by post. The process for payment reminders and the dunning process are not changing.


ou can order a copy of the current invoice by e-mail here.

This is not possible for data protection reasons, even if you are related to the other person. Only the policyholder themselves can register in the portal and access their data and documents.


For instance, you would therefore not be able to pay a premium invoice made out to your son in the customer portal. We recommend that you use a different payment method for this purpose, such as online banking. Find out about alternative payment methods.

We ask that you pay the premium invoice you have already received.

  • If the premium is more, we will issue you an invoice for the difference following conclusion of the contract.
  • If the premium is less, we will deduct the amount from the next premium invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed, you will automatically receive a payment slip.

  • If you pay at the post office counter, you will be charged extra fees by the post office. You will find an overview of fees here.
  • Do you use e-banking? This payment method does not involve any additional fees.
  • You can request electronic invoices for each individual policy online via your e-banking account.
  • You can also pay with your credit card. You can do this by registering online on our MyGenerali app.
  • Payment by direct debit is only available for life insurance policies.
  • You can pay once or twice annually. 
  • There is no monthly or quarterly payment option.
  • If you choose to pay your vehicle insurance in two annual instalments, we will charge an instalment surcharge of CHF 14.
  • For all other types of insurance (household contents, buildings, etc.), we apply an instalment surcharge of 3% of the basic premium.
  • Each invoice includes 5% stamp duty and taxes for vehicle insurance.

Have you missed the payment deadline or are you unable to pay your bill until a later point? You can find an overview of our dunning process here.


Reminder 30 days after premium due date


Statutory reminder 20 days after reminder 21.02.2022
Cover suspended 15 days after statutory reminder 06.03.2022
Suspension of licence plates 1 day after suspension of cover 07.03.2022
Collection proceedings 10 days after notice of licence plate suspension 17.03.2022

You can arrange payment in instalments with us. It is important that you request this before receiving the first payment reminder.


You will find the request form here.

Invoices with a QR code

QR invoices will see payments digitalised and simplified. A payment slip with a QR code will replace the orange or red payment slip on the invoice. This contains all the relevant information for paying the invoice. All you need to do is scan the QR code and approve the invoice – done. No more typing long reference and IBAN numbers or amounts, for example.

The red and orange payment slips will be taken off the market as of 30 September 2022. From that date onwards, it will no longer be possible to pay invoices with these payment slips.


Here at Generali we will continuously be adapting all invoices between March and July 2022. During this time, you may receive some invoices with an ESR payment slip, and others with a QR code. Please always use the payment slip that you receive with the relevant invoice. We will endeavour to keep the transition phase as brief as possible.

Open your e-banking on your laptop or mobile banking on your phone. Scan the QR code. Scanning will automatically fill out all the information required for the payment process. You can then approve the invoice then and there – simple.


You also have the option of manually typing in the information on the QR payment slip into your e-banking if you do not want to scan the code,. Alternatively, you can also continue tpaying your invoice at the post office counter. However, this process will incur fees if you are paying an invoice for property insurance. Standing orders, direct debit procedures and eBill will continue to be an option, depending on the insurance.

You can find detailed information about all our payment methods here.

If you are entering the payment manually, you can only enter the reference if you are using the new QR IBAN. This will not work with the old IBAN. The reference field will be blocked if an incorrect IBAN is used.

Please note that our old IBAN may still be saved in your e-banking. Make sure that you are using the new IBAN as marked on the new QR invoice; this will ensure the QR reference will work, too.

Yes. You can continue paying your invoice at the post office counter.

No. Nothing will change for payments using eBill. You will continue receiving electronic invoices from us in the same layout. You do not need to change anything.


Please note: this payment method is currently unavailable for life insurance and legal protection insurance.

No. Nothing will change for payments via direct debit. The amount will continue to be billed automatically. You do not need to change anything.


Please note: this payment method is currently unavailable for property and legal protection insurance.

If you set up your standing order with the payment data from an ESR payment slip, you must replace this with a new standing order. We will send you QR invoices if necessary. You can then set up your new standing order with the QR IBAN and the QR reference. You will see both of these to the right of the QR code.

We will continue to upload your invoice to your customer portal as usual. The only change is that we will now do so with the QR code instead of an ESR payment slip – otherwise nothing will change. You can pay the invoice there and then with your bank card. You can also download the invoice and upload it to your e-banking or scan it with your smartphone.


Please note: this payment method is currently unavailable for life insurance and legal protection insurance.

You will see the QR IBAN, the QR reference and the invoice amount in the notification e-mail. For data protection reasons, however, it is not possible to send the QR code in the e-mail. The code contains personal information, including your address, your name and your policy number.

e-Bill (electronic invoice)

No. You cannot use it for life insurance or legal protection insurance.

Yes, you can register a maximum of three policies at once. To do so, separate each policy number with a comma.

That is not possible: you need to undertake the registration for at least one policy yourself. Once you have registered, Generali can manually add the other policies if you wish.

  • A premium payer is listed on your insurance contract. This name must match the name of the bank account holder.
  • Joint accounts are not accepted.
  • The bank account is not permitted to include a title, like Dr or Professor.
  • The registration should not contain any blank spaces, neither before nor after the policy number.
  • Companies can also benefit from the eBill system. However, the name of the premium payer must match the name of the account holder.

You need to input the same contact details (surname, first name, address, date of birth, e-mail, telephone) as listed in our database.

In this instance, you need to delete the eBill registration and re-register for your new bank account.

Bills are easily overlooked. You will receive your first reminder via the eBill system. Information on subsequent reminder steps will be sent to you by post.