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Vehicle insurance | Questions and Answers

Here are the most important answers relating to your vehicle.

International insurance card (green card) 

The insurance card is valid international proof that you have third-party liability insurance for your vehicle. Third-party liability insurance is compulsory. You cannot drive a vehicle without it.


This certificate used to be called the green card. Now it is referred to as the international insurance card.

Your official vehicle registration will suffice as proof in most European countries. But in some countries, the law requires you to have the international insurance card with you when driving. The insurance certificate is worth having with you in the event of an accident in any case. We recommend that you keep the international insurance card with you at all times when driving overseas.

The insurance coverage applies in the following countries.

Insurance certificate for your vehicle

No, we will e-mail the certificate straight to the driver and vehicle licensing office. We will notify you once the certificate has been issued. The certificate is valid for 30 days.

  • Vehicle details: you will find these on the vehicle registration document or the purchase agreement.
  • The keeper’s personal information.


Got all the information you need? Order a certificate online here.

Please send the payment confirmation stating your policy number to We will then send the certificate electronically to the driver and vehicle licensing office. Once we have issued the proof of insurance, we will e-mail you a confirmation.

A maximum of two vehicles. For vintage cars please contact us.

Depositing licence plates

  • Partial accidental damage cover will remain in place while your plates are deposited. But you only have to pay 50% of the premium for your partial cover.
  • Would you like to opt out of partial accidental damage cover while your plates are deposited? If so, please let us know in writing. You will find the form for this here.
  • You will receive a credit note for your liability insurance and collision accidental damage cover while your plates are deposited.
  • You only have to pay 50% of your partial cover premium for this period.
  • We will charge you CHF 20 in reinstatement fees.

The premium paid on your vehicle policy will be held in credit. If you reinstate your licence plates, we will credit you the premium already paid.

  • Would you like to register another vehicle? We would be happy to provide you with a quote based on your needs. We will credit you with any premium already paid.
  • Have you sold your vehicle and permanently deposited your licence plates with the driver and vehicle licensing office? Please send us your notice of cancellation via post or e-mail. We will refund you any excess premium paid. 

Policy changes

  • You can change your coverage (with the exception of partial and comprehensive accidental damage insurance) at any time.
  • You can cancel your comprehensive accidental damage insurance after a year at the earliest. Then you can remove it.
  • Do you have a leasing agreement for your vehicle? If so, comprehensive accidental damage insurance is mandatory. You cannot remove it.
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Natural events
  • Snowslides
  • Glas breakage
  • Collisions with animals
  • Damage by martens and rodents
  • Vandalism by other persons
  • Crash of aircraft and celestial bodies
  • Assistance


Would you like a quote for partial accidental damage insurance?


Please use this form to inform us of any change of address within Switzerland.

  • Are you moving to another canton? Please inform us without delay so you can get your new licence plates from the driver and vehicle licensing office.
  • Cancelling your vehicle registration in Switzerland? Please supply us with a certificate of de-registration from your local authority. We will then cancel your policy. You must also return your Swiss licence plate to the driver and vehicle licensing office. Otherwise, your motor vehicle insurance will remain active up until 31 December of the year.

Vintage Cars

For accidental damage insurance for vintage cars, we require a valuation from an expert. This must have been issued within the last year.

The number varies from canton to canton. It is best to check with your local road traffic office. Please note that a vehicle is only considered as a classic car after the 29th year of operation.

Send the following documents to

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Photo of vehicle in line with guide
  • Documents on the vehicle history
  • Own estimate of the value of the vehicle
  • FIVA card (if you have one)
  • Copies of receipts for alterations, parts, repairs, restorations, value-adding investments (if any)


Please contact one of our agencies for an opinion of your vehicle. If you take out accidental damage insurance with us, we will cover the costs of the opinion.