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Payment methods

We offer a range of invoice payment options. Which of them suits you best will depend on your personal preferences and your insurance contract. All the payment methods guarantee the utmost security for your transactions.

Overview of payment methods



Details of individual payment methods

Payment slip

This is the traditional payment method and is suitable for all types of insurance contracts. You have a range of options for paying your invoice with the payment slip:

  • MyGenerali customer portal: log into the customer portal and pay by bank card.
  • E-banking: pay the invoice via e-banking.
  • Bank: pay the invoice in-person at the bank.
  • Post: pay the invoice at the post office. Important: this method is subject to post office counter fees if you are paying an invoice for property insurance. We pass these fees on to you in your next invoice.


When you conclude a new contract, your policy will always include a payment slip. You then have the option of choosing an alternative payment method.


You can easily order payment slips here.


New: payment slips with a QR code

The red and orange ESR payment slips will be taken off the market and replaced by payment slips with a QR code as of 30 September 2022. At Generali we will continuously be adapting all our invoices between March and July 2022. During this time, you may receive some invoices with an ESR payment slip, and others with a QR code.


Important: please always use the payment slip that you receive with the relevant invoice. We will endeavour to keep the transition phase as brief as possible.

You can find out more about invoices with a QR code in our FAQs


eBill is a secure, environmentally friendly payment method that simplifies the payment process. This service is available for our vehicle, household contents, liability, travel, transport and construction insurance. It allows you to easily receive, check and pay invoices via your e-banking or e-finance.

  • Safe: your data is transmitted via a secure connection.
  • Simple: your invoice is displayed on your screen. All you need to do is check and approve it.
  • Environmentally friendly: you are doing your bit to protect the environment.


Find out all about eBill at

Direct debit

You can also arrange to pay your life insurance policies with us via a direct debit procedure (LSV or DD). Generali and your bank or PostFinance will handle all the administrative processes. The direct debit will see the payment for your premium deducted directly from your account.

  • Practical: no need to withdraw cash – no more queuing to pay at the counter.
  • Simple: you no longer need to complete any payment slips (neither online nor at the post office).
  • Environmentally friendly: you are doing your bit to protect the environment.


To set up a direct debit, please complete the direct debit authorisation form and send it to: Generali Personal Insurance Ltd., P.O. Box 1040, 8134 Adliswil