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Single-premium payment plan

A worthwhile investment: for a regular income when you retire

A life free of worries after you retire is easier to arrange than you might think:all you need is a one-off investment that pays off. The CONSTANTA singlepremiumpayment plan enables you to plan your retirement budget carefully in order to secure a regular additional income.

Your benefits

  • A regular additional income for your retirement
  • Free choice of savings profile
  • Payment plan with a flexible structure
  • Full liquidity: you can access your assets at any time

A regular additional income when you retire

Do you want to plan your budget carefully in order to avoid an income gap when you retire? With the CONSTANTA payment plan, you can secure a regular additional income for your retirement with the potential for attractive returns, all with just a single premium payment. This will allow you to maintain the standard of living to which you are accustomed, as well as fulfil lifelong dreams.


A worthwhile investment

Generali’s financial experts will invest your money in first-class funds, thereby giving you the potential for attractive returns. At the end of the savings period, your accumulated capital will be paid out in regular, guaranteed instalments to provide you with an additional income. You choose how your payment plan is structured: within the defined framework, you decide the length of the savings period and the payment period, and also choose a payment frequency. Liquidity is maintained in full: the option of full or partial surren-der means that you can access all your assets at any time.

The ideal profile for your savings period

As the market-leading provider of unit-linked life insurance for many years, Generali understands your individual investment requirements. Do you want to invest your money with the aim of achieving the greatest possible return? Is your focus on security? Or would you prefer a combination of these approaches? You choose the savings profile that best suits your needs: Capital, Control or Profit.

Your benefits

At the end of the savings period, your capital is converted into a conventional payment plan. This means that your payments are no longer exposed to fluctuations in value and are, therefore, guaranteed for the entire duration of the payment period. A surplus results when interest rates rise and costs prove to be favourable. The surpluses earned increase the payments guaranteed under the policy.

Facts & figures

Single premium of at least CHF 30,000

From 45 onwards

No limitations

Possible at any time

Savings period: 5 – 25 years

Payment period: 5 – 25 years

CHF 200 a month, CHF 600 a

quarter, CHF 1,200 every six

months, CHF 2,400 a year

Withholding tax of 35 % is applicable only to income in excess of the invested capital. This income is taxable together with your other income.