GARANTA – the Unit Linked Payment Plan

A worthwhile investment: for a regular income when you retire

Enjoy the next chapter of your life without any financial worries: a one-time investment fives you guaranteed additional income for the time after your retirement. You deserve it.

Your benefits

  • Secure, regular additional income when you retire
  • A payment plan that you can customise to your needs
  • Full liquidity: you can access your assets at any time


Customised to your needs

You yourself choose how your payment plan is structured. You select within the framework defined the length of the savings period and payment period, as well as the payment frequency.


Guaranteed payments

The amount of the payments remains unchanged throughout the payment period and equals at least 92% of the amount of your original investment.


Secure investment funds

Generali’s financial experts invest your money in security-oriented investment funds, so that your additional income can be guaranteed at all times.


Final payment

Your capital remains invested in funds until the end of the term of the contract. You receive any profit in the form of a final payment upon the expiry of the contract.


Full control

The option of full or partial surrender means that you can access your assets at any time.



Facts & figures

Investment: single premium of at least CHF 80 000.–

From 45 onwards

No restrictions

Possible at any time; surrender value equals at least 70% of the sum of the guaranteed benefits

Possible at any time

CHF 200 monthly

CHF 600 quarterly

CHF 1’200 semi-annually

CHF 2'400 annually

Term of contract 20/21 years: savings period 5–10 years

Term of contract 22 years: savings period 4–10 years

Term of contract 23 years: savings period 3 10 years

Term of contract 24 years: savings period 2–10 years

Term of contract 25-30 years: savings period 1 – 10 year

Any final payment is subject to 35 % withholding tax and is taxable together with your other income.