PROSPERA vested benefits account

Your vested benefits account – the profitable interim solution

Are you planning to take some time off, for a shorter or longer period? The PROSPERA vested benefits account allows you to deposit your pension capital simply and profitably. In doing this you benefit from attractive potential returns and rest secure in the knowledge that your future is in good hands.

Your benefits

  • Profitable investment of your pension capital
  • Higher potential returns than from a traditional savings account
  • Excellent investment funds
  • Investment strategy according to your needs
  • Change the investment strategy at any time free of charge
  • Advance withdrawal or pledging of capital are possible
  • Personal advice included

The ideal interim solution

Do you want to reduce or interrupt your professional activity? Are you unable to transfer any of your vested benefits capital to the pension scheme of your new employer, or can you only transfer part of it? Do you want to become self-employed, or do you want to transfer the assets from another vested benefits account to Generali? The PROSPERA vested benefits account is the ideal interim solution for your pension assets.


Your individual pension plan

With the PROSPERA vested benefits account you invest your capital exactly as per your requirements. You decide the investment strategy according to your individual expectations for returns and security, and you can change it at any time free of charge. Advance withdrawal of capital or pledging are also always possible. The experts at Generali invest your capital primarily in securities and actively manage it. You benefit from higher potential returns than from a traditional savings account, while still remaining flexible at all times.

Facts & figures

  • Minimum deposit: CHF 20,000
  • no personal additional payments allowed (except for transfer of other vested benefit assets)
  • Withdrawals may be made in accordance with cases permitted in the foundation regulations or by law (e.g. home purchase, final departure from Switzerland, reaching retirement age)
  • People who are unable to pay their vested benefits into a new pension scheme or have them paid out
  • Tax-free during the term of the agreement: no income tax or wealth tax, no withholding tax on accrued interest
  • On payout: taxed at a reduced rate, separate from the other income
  • Account / custodian bank: Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG
  • Vested benefits foundation: Independent vested benefits foundation, Schwyz