KIDS insurance plan for children

The very best for your child: a flexible combination of starting capital and protection

Our children are the future, which is why they deserve extra special protection. The KIDS insurance plan for children offers various options for achieving this.

Would you like to save on behalf of your children and help them get adult life off to a good start? Or are you looking for risk cover and hence financial security for your little ones?


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Comprehensive pension planning for children

Your child is precious and unique. You know exactly what your child’s needs are. That’s why we offer the KIDS insurance plan for children, a modular solution with components that you can flexibly combine however you like. With the savings module, you can build up capital to help your child get off to a good start in their adult life. The risk protection module insures your child against unforeseeable events and risks such as serious illness and disability. The savings and risk protection modules can be concluded separately or in combination. The KIDS insurance plan for children also offers cyber insurance. So, now you can provide your child with an essential form of protection against the dangers in the Internet.


Facts and figures

Child: 0 – 18 years
Adult: no age limit or,
if premium exemption is included: 18 – 64 years

Child: 30 years
Adult: no age limit, or if premium
exemption is included: 75 years.
Premium exemption in the event of
disability or impairment of basic
faculties expires at age 65.

10 – 30 years

Pillar 3b: Lump sums are tax-free