Life insurance

Flexible fund saving with risk cover

As government pension benefits shrink, private saving becomes all the more important. Your unit-linked life insurance combines higher potential returns, comprehensive risk cover and tax advantages. You are doubly protected because you receive insurance cover for yourself and your family as well as pension capital for the time following your retirement.

Your benefits

  • Savings and risk cover combined
  • Choice of savings profile according to your personal needs
  • Protection for your loved ones, thanks to a guaranteed death benefit
  • Tax advantages

Savings capital for your future

If you're starting to think about tomorrow, you'll be on the right course with SCALA life insurance: You save your private capital for the time after your retirement. You invest your contributions in first-class funds and thus enjoy better potential returns than with traditional savings. You can easily set your very own personal focus by choosing your savings profile. In addition, you also save taxes because you can deduct your premiums under Pillar 3a from your taxable income each year. If your life situation changes during the term of the contract, you can adjust your SCALA life insurance: you also have the option of taking a premium break or withdrawing your saved funds at preferential conditions for the purposes of home ownership.


Insurance cover for you and your family members

With SCALA life insurance you can protect yourself and your loved ones in a flexible manner: If anything should happen to you, your family members will enjoy financial protection thanks to the guaranteed death benefit. If desired, you can also make provision for incapacity to work. If your situation changes in the meantime, SCALA life insurance offers you the option of adjusting the risk cover according to your needs.


The right savings profile for you

Do you want to invest your money with the aim of achieving the greatest possible return? Is your focus on security? Or would you rather have a combination of these approaches? You can choose the option that best suits your needs from the three savings profiles we offer: Profit, Control and Capital.



Are you interested in sustainable investment opportunities?

With the PROFIT savings profile, you can select our sustainable investment plan “Tomorrow Invest”. With this option, you invest in companies with a proven commitment to a better world. We concentrate on Swiss companies.



Your benefits

You'll receive the survival benefit when the term of the contract ends. In the event of your death during the term of the contract, the death benefit will be paid out to your beneficiaries.


  Capital Control Profit
Guaranteed maturity benefit Yes No No
Survival benefit Total fund and guarantee assets, but no less than the guaranteed insurance
Total fund assets Total fund assets
Guaranteed death benefit Total fund and guarantee assets, but no less than the guaranteed insurance
Total fund and guarantee assets, but no less than the guaranteed insurance
Total fund and guarantee assets, but no less than the guaranteed insurance

Important questions



Your savings premiums are invested in the «Risk Control 30-2» investment plan.




Your savings premiums are invested in the «Risk Control 30-2» investment plan.




Your savings premiums can be invested in our «Multi Index 25, 50, 75 and 100», aswell as our «Opportunity» investment plans. We now also offer our sustainable investment options «Tomorrow Invest 50» und «Tomorrow Invest 100».

On a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis.


Premiums can be paid easily via direct debit. Finance the premiums via an interest-bearing premium deposit account and benefit from attractive interest rates.

Pillar 3a

  • Premiums can be deducted from taxable income. You can find the current statutory maximum amounts here.
  • No wealth or capital gains taxes are payable during the term of the policy.
  • The payment is taxable at a reduced rate.


Pillar 3b

  • Tax-free lump sums
Type of insurance Unit-linked combined endowment insurance (GA tariff).
Automatic premium adjustment You can opt for a dynamic premium. SCALA allows you to choose from the 3a upper limit and CPI option (linked to the national consumer price index).
Age at entry
  • Pillar 3a
    Capital: 18 to 49 years (F) or 50 (M),
    Control/Profit: 18 to 54 years (F), 55 (M)
Pillar 3b
Capital: 0 to 60 years
Control/Profit: 0 – 65 years
Final age under
  • Pillar 3a 64 (F) or 65 years (M) or up to 69/70 years if the insured person remains in employment.
Pillar 3b 75 years
Term of contract
  • Capital: 15-45 years
Control/Profit: 10-45 years
Beneficiaries/Inheritance privilege In Pillar 3a, the statutory beneficiary rules apply. The beneficiary may be freely chosen with Pillar 3b.
Surrender/conversion After three insurance years, and provided that the premiums have been paid, your insurance will have a cash value and can be surrendered or converted into a fully-paid-up policy.
SCALA allows the funds saved to be withdrawn on preferential terms. The Pillar 3a conditions must be complied with.


Additional options

Flexible additional payments into the Pillar 3a, additional insurance cover and annual tax optimisation: with the additional payment option for your life insurance, you’re investing in your future and making sure you keep your financial freedom.

If the insured person becomes incapable of work or if his or her basic faculties are impaired, we will grant you an exemption from the obligation to pay premiums on expiry of the waiting period.

If you become disabled due to illness or an accident, we will grant you a quarterly annuity after the agreed waiting period. The amount is payable in arrears and is based on the extent of the loss of earnings. If required, an annuity may be insured for the event of illness only (without accident risk) at a more affordable premium.

If you become occupationally disabled, the insured sum will be paid after a waiting period of six months. In the event of partial incapacity to work, a proportionate sum will be paid.

If the insured person dies as a result of an accident (or road accident), the agreed capital sum will be paid in addition to the main insurance benefits.

In the event of the death of the insured person (e.g. the premium payer) we take over the payment of premiums.