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Buildings insurance

Flexible cover for your house and garden

Now you're a proud home owner, you've taken on a major financial responsibility. Water, fire or thunderstorm damage would be a real catastrophe. However, your buildings insurance offers comprehensive, flexible and secure protection for your house and garden. You can delight in owning your own home in the knowledge that you've laid a solid financial foundation.

Your benefits

  • Water damage: best cover in a market comparison
  • 5% discount for owners on the house and household contents in owner-occupied single-family homes or holiday homes
  • A service package (round-the-clock building assistance) is automatically included
  • Damage to the building by rodents or malicious intent is covered up to CHF 3,000
  • Large sum insured and policy term discount of up to 9%
  • Earthquake cover on request
  • Scorch damage is covered
  • Flexible protection in a single policy

The comprehensive insurance for buildings and land

Whether it's your own dream home, a holiday home or rented property - you need suitable insurance cover for all types of buildings. IMMOBILIA buildings insurance offers you comprehensive and flexible cover.


The basic insurance plan covers your building against the following risks:

  • Fire (flame, smoke, lightning strike, explosion)
  • Natural hazards (hail, flooding, avalanches, etc.)
  • Water damage
  • Glass breakage
  • Damage resulting from burglary
  • Damage by rodents or by malicious intent


Buildings insurance offers the following types of supplementary cover on request:

  • Buildings liability insurance
  • Technical insurance
  • Gardens and crops
  • Earthquakes


How IMMOBILIA buildings insurance works – an example

The Hoopers' garden is the pride of the whole family. The green grass is always freshly mowed, the beds around the garden are always full of colourful flowers and the centrepiece is a huge oak tree that lends shade on hot summer days.


And it's after just such a hot summer afternoon that the family have a nightmarish experience. A massive thunderstorm rages across the region with wind gusts as strong as a hurricane.


The oak is unable to withstand the storm and it falls onto the fence surrounding the property. A scene of utter devastation is the result. The oak is on the ground, the fence is destroyed and plants are lying all over the garden.


It's a good thing the family had taken out insurance from Generali for garden equipment and plants, so the events of that terrible afternoon are history just two weeks later.


The Hooper family received the following benefits from Generali:

  • Removal of the fallen tree: CHF 500
  • A new oak tree: CHF 2,000
  • Repair of the fence: CHF 1,500
  • Clearing up of the garden and replacement of the destroyed plants: CHF 300


The only cost the Hoopers to bear is the CHF 200 excess agreed in the policy.


Summary of the details

What benefits does IMMOBILIA buildings insurance offer?


IMMOBILIA buildings insurance is the first and only insurance in Switzerland that automatically includes all-risk cover as part of water damage insurance. For example, it insures against damage resulting from water entering through an open window after an unexpected thunderstorm.


Solutions in the event of water damage

In the event of water damage, Generali provides you with the service of a specialist water damage company at no charge. It includes:

  • Meeting the costs incurred as a consequence of the water damage
  • Immediate measures: Stemming the flow of water
  • Locating the leak: tracing the source of the leak and accessing the site of the damage
  • Drying the premises affected
  • Full service for repair works: organising and coordinating all the necessary work

Important questions

The insurance covers the buildings or condominium property and corresponding structural facilities listed in the policy.

The insurance comes into force on the date stated in the policy. If the contract was concluded for one year or longer, it is automatically renewed for one year at a time if it is not terminated in writing at least three months before expiry.

The policy can be concluded for a term of one to five years.

The insurance is usually concluded at replacement value (the amount required for replacement with a new article at the time of the loss). The replacement value corresponds to the value of the building typical for that place.

The amount of the premium is determined by factors such as the type and year of construction, the location of the building, its insured value and its intended use.

Additional options

Damage to the building and its glass resulting from burglaries and building liability insurance are automatically included in your PRISMA Flex household contents insurance if you occupy your own home.

Amortisation of mortgages with tax privileges: Pillar 3a/3b (SCALA) and Pillar 3a (PERFORMA) life insurance.