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Household insurance

Flexible cover for you and your household contents

When your wine cellar is flooded. When a storm uproots your tree and sends it crashing into your neighbour's garden. Or when burglars steal your valuable jewellery. Our household insurance provides you with comprehensive cover that can be put together flexibly. For example, in addition to household contents, you can also take out personal liability insurance, bicycle insurance, cyber insurance and pet insurance.

Household contents – for your home and everything in it

A broken window, a flooded basement or a fire in the kitchen – these things can quickly become expensive. Household contents insurance protects your home and your household contents.

Bicycle insurance – covers damage, accident and theft

No matter what you use your bike for, a collision can easily happen. We insure you and your bicycle against accidents. And, if you like, against theft and breakdown too.

Cyber insurance – for lost data and Internet fraud

Criminals after your money are lurking on the Internet. Cyber insurance offers protection. We also help if you lose data stored on digital storage device.

Personal liability – if you cause damage

We are all prone to mishaps from time to time. Too bad then if something ends up getting broken. Or, in the worst-case scenario, if we seriously injure someone. Whether material or physical: personal liability covers you when you cause damage to others.

Pet insurance – when cats or dogs fall ill

Pets also tend to fall ill or have an accident unexpectedly. Make sure your cat or dog can get the best medical treatment – without you having to worry about the cost.