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Data protection provisions

1. General principles of data protection

Generali Group Switzerland takes data protection very seriously. All personal data we receive from you are handled in accordance with the applicable data protection provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA).


2. What data processing is for

Your data are used only for the purpose for which you provided them to us for or for one obviously connected with it.

They are passed on between companies within the Generali Group in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein only if our relationship with you as a customer makes it necessary to do so (for example, in order to provide you with any services you want). In order to provide our services or to assess customer satisfaction, we may need to collaborate with independent companies outside the Generali Group. We carry out careful checks on these third parties and they are contractually obliged to comply with the data protection provisions.

By supplying us with your personal data, you consent to your data being used for marketing and advertising purposes (e.g. offers or advertisements that may be of interest to you) and for the maintenance of existing and future customer relationships within the Generali Group in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Generali Group companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein undertake to use your personal data only for these purposes.

You can see which companies belong to the Generali Group in Switzerland and Liechtenstein here.


3. Data security

Please note that the level of protection for data transmitted over the internet is generally not high. The internet is a worldwide and open network, and if you use it to transmit data, particularly data of a personal nature, you do so at your own risk.

As soon as your data are received by Generali Group companies in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, appropriate technical steps are taken to prevent the data from being viewed or handled by unauthorised persons.

Access to personal data is restricted to those Generali employees who can show that they need to use them (in order to provide services in connection with the customer relationship with you, for example). These employees are also trained in the handling of sensitive data.


4. Cookies/Google Analytics and other applications

To ensure that you are able to use our website with ease, safely and successfully, cookies are saved on your computer. Nearly all websites use cookies. A cookie is a piece of text information that a visited website stores in your computer's browser. It is downloaded when you first visit a website. When you visit the same website again from the same device, the browser searches to see if there is a cookie for it. It sends the data saved in the cookie back to the website. This allows websites to recognise whether the browser has already visited the website and to acknowledge the settings. Cookies contain only information and cannot launch any harmful applications.


This website uses Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing. Google Analytics collects data that Generali Group Switzerland uses for internal analyses, to improve its website, and for market analyses and assessments relating to website use. These data are sent to Google to be collated.  The data recorded in this way include access dates/times, your IP address, access URL, originating URL, search terms used and information about your operating system and browser. To ensure anonymity, your IP address is transmitted in shortened form. Google AdWords Conversion Tracking uses cookies to measure success rates after you have clicked on an AdWords link. Google Remarketing uses cookies to compile anonymised information on website users’ surfing behaviour for marketing purposes and uses this to adapt the delivery of advertising to your interests.


You have the option to deactivate these web analysis services by installing add-ons:


Google Analytics

Google Remarketing


in your browser. Google Analytics records the information in anonymised form, and the website trend information does not include any details of individual visitors.



5. Information

If you want to know whether Generali Group companies are processing data about you, you can (under Article 8 of the Swiss Data Protection Act) send a written request for information to Generali Group Switzerland's data protection officer:

Group Compliance Officer of Generali Group Switzerland (GGS) Dept. LeCo-C
Soodmattenstrasse 10
8134 Adliswil


6. Update

These data protection provisions were last updated on 4 February 2016.