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Terms of use

  1. General information

    Generali Switzerland (hereinafter GS) includes the insurance companies Generali Personal Insurance Ltd., Generali General Insurance Ltd. and Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance Ltd., among others. The customer portal services described below relate to these companies (hereinafter "the GS companies").
    GS provides its customers with a free, password-protected and personalised customer portal, offering various services such as:

    • Customer contact information at a glance
    • Overview of insurance policies
    • Information and status of premium payments
    • Processing status of any claims made
    • Premium calculator for new insurance offers: calculate and save premiums directly

    These terms and conditions of use govern the contractual relationship between the customer and GS regarding the application of the GS customer portal (hereinafter customer portal or portal). These conditions are deemed to have been accepted if the user has explicitly accepted them during the process of registration on the customer portal or in a smartphone application (hereinafter app).

  2. Technical access

    The user agreement comes into force after an application is submitted (online or by post) when the initial password is sent out by GS, and requires the customer to have a valid insurance relationship with a GS company.

    Technical access to the customer portal is via the internet, by means of an internet service provider chosen by the customer. The customer must have installed a web browser or a version of a web browser that is supported by GS. If the customer is using a version of a web browser that is not or no longer supported, the customer may have restricted or no access to the portal.

    Customers who identify themselves by successfully logging in to the customer portal shall be deemed by GS to be entitled to use the portal and the services offered therein. They shall also be deemed to be entitled to make queries, to request quotes, to order documents or to submit applications for the policy numbers listed under the user agreement.

    If no activity is observed in the course of an online session after a customer logs in to the customer portal, after a certain time access will be terminated automatically for security reasons, and the customer must log back in again.

  3. Duties of care

    The access data must be kept secret by the customer and protected against misuse by unauthorised persons. In particular, passwords should not be written down or saved in an unprotected format on a terminal device. The customer shall bear all consequences resulting from the unauthorised use of their identification details.

    In the event that a mobile terminal device is used, the customer shall log in to GS with their mobile telephone number, thus confirming that they are a legitimate user and have the right to use this number. The customer shall protect the mobile phone and SIM card against unauthorised access by means of a PIN or device code, thus reducing the risk of a mobile phone being used for fraudulent activities.
    The users of the app are also subject to the following duties of care:

    • The password used in the app must be kept secret and protected against misuse by unauthorised persons.
    • If there is reason to believe that unauthorised third parties have gained knowledge of the password, this must be changed immediately.
    • Any updates issued by GS must be installed immediately by the user.

    If there is any suspicion that identification details have fallen into unauthorised hands, the customer shall notify GS accordingly and change their password: Contact Centre +41(0) 800 881 882
    Any changes to the residential or e-mail address, bank account details or other personal data shall be entered in the portal without delay by the customer. Correspondence sent by GS is legally valid if it is sent to the current address stored in the system.
    If the customer downloads documents from the portal to their terminal device, they must ensure the necessary security. As soon as a document leaves the protected area of GS, GS is no longer responsible for security.

  4. Security information

    The customer portal is accessed via the Internet. In order to protect customer data, the internet connection is secured during login and during the customer's session on the portal by SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer). Even if the security measures on the terminal device are up-to-date, it is not possible to guarantee absolute security. GS therefore wishes to alert customers to the following risks in particular:

    • For protection against viruses, it is recommended that the terminal device be equipped with security software that meets the latest technological standards.
    • When using WLAN, it is recommended that this should be protected with a password.
    • It is also recommended that the customer portal should not be used via public WLAN.

    Depending on the internet connection used for data exchange between GS and the customer, it is possible that data may be transmitted across borders without controls, even if the sender and the recipient are both in Switzerland. GS reserves the right to temporarily block access to the customer portal if security risks are identified.
    The possibility cannot be ruled out that the internet service provider chosen by the customer may analyse data traffic, and it is therefore possible that the activities of the internet user could be traced.

  5. Responsibilities and liability

    GS accepts no liability for the correctness and completeness of information and data available through the customer portal. Nor can GS provide any guarantee that the customer portal will be available at any given time.
    A culpable breach of the duties of care as described in section 3 above may result in corresponding liability for the customer.
    GS accepts no liability for the network operator.
    The liability of GS for damages caused to the customer due to transmission errors, technical defects, disturbances, delays or interruptions during the operation of the customer portal or due to overloading of the network is excluded, to the extent permitted by law. In the case of serious attacks on the IT systems of GS and the necessary closure of the customer portal following such attacks, GS accepts no liability for any resultant damage.
    GS shall not be liable for indirect damages and consequential damages, in particular loss of profit and reputational damage, as a result of use of the portal.

  6. Data protection and data processing

    GS shall provide appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the customer's personal data are protected against unauthorised access and are handled in the strictest confidence. GS shall comply with the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act at all times. The information and documents that are shown to the customer via the portal come from different GS systems and remain visible for as long as the customer is connected online.

    The policyholder and the insured person (where the two are not one and the same person) authorise Generali to collect, process, transfer and store data. The personal data given to Generali may be used by the company for statistical analyses, customer satisfaction surveys, marketing and advertising purposes. Policyholder details shall not be supplied to third parties. Data may be forwarded to any domestic and foreign third parties involved in the insurance policy, in particular to other companies belonging to the Generali Group. GS shall store the data electronically or physically in a protected and confidential manner. The policyholder and the insured person are entitled to request from Generali the information provided for by law on the processing of the data concerning them. In all other respects, data shall be subject to the protection provided for by the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) of 19 June 1992.

    For more information please visit our data protection policy.

  7. Google Analytics and other applications

    This app uses Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing. Google Analytics collects data that GS uses for internal analyses, to improve the service it provides, and for market analyses and assessments relating to use of its service. These data are sent to Google to be collated. Such recorded data include access dates/times, your IP address, access URL, originating URL, search terms used and information about your operating system and browser. To ensure anonymity, your IP address is transmitted in shortened form. Google AdWords Conversion Tracking uses cookies to measure success rates after you have clicked on an AdWords link. Google Remarketing uses cookies to compile anonymised information on users’ surfing behaviour for marketing purposes and uses it to serve adverts based on your interests.

  8. Analysis of web behaviour

    GS uses an internet analysis service to conduct analyses on the use of its customer portal. For this purpose, cookies are stored on the customer's computer which enable analysis of the use of the GS website. The customer can prevent the storage of cookies via the appropriate settings in their browser software. However, in this case, GS wishes to points out that not all customer portal functions will be usable.

  9. Costs

    GS does not charge for the use of the customer portal. The customer will be informed of any changes to this cost policy in good time. The costs of internet usage are dependent on the tariffs charged by the customer's internet service provider.

  10. Revocation and termination

    The customer is entitled to revoke their use of the customer portal at any time. In this case, GS will delete the customer's access to the portal and confirm this via e-mail. GS is entitled to terminate the use of the customer portal, without giving any reason, by e-mail at any time, subject to a notice period of one month. The user agreement will be revoked automatically if the customer no longer has an insurance relationship with GS.

  11. Modification of these terms and conditions of use

    GS reserves the right to add to or modify the terms and conditions of use. Any changes will be communicated in an appropriate form. The customer may approve or reject any modifications or additions via the customer portal.In addition,
    GS reserves the right to adapt or extend the functionalities of the customer portal at any time.

  12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

    The user agreement is subject to Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich.