Claims hotline

Warning: Fraud by e-mail

Fraudsters who deceitfully present themselves as belonging to the Generali network use e-mails to contact potential victims from whom they seek, sometimes successfully, to extract large sums of money.

Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd Group companies never use e-mail to contact customers and beneficiaries to tell them of inheritances or of benefits from an insurance policy.


If you are contacted in this way by persons (lawyers, notaries, officials, etc.) on behalf of Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd Group companies and told about considerable sums of money of which you are apparently a beneficiary, this is very likely to be an attempt at fraud.


How do I respond to fraudulent e-mails?


Please report phishing e-mails of this sort to the Federal authorities at once, using the website Sending e-mails of this kind is illegal and dangerous and you can play your part in putting a stop to it and helping to keep everyone safe.


  • Don't disclose any personal information or details of your bank accounts.
  • If documents are attached, don't open them, as they may contain viruses.