Legal information

Fraud by e-mail or telephone

Warning: fraud

Fraudsters who deceitfully present themselves as belonging to the Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd. group companies network often contact potential victims by e-mail or phone. They sometimes use these channels to post bait-and-switch advertising or extract large sums of money. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Generali Switzerland never contacts customers and beneficiaries via e-mail or phone to tell them of inheritances or of benefits from an insurance policy. Attempts at fraud often include promises of special offers or discounts.

If you are contacted in this way by individuals (lawyers, notaries, officials, etc.) claiming to work on behalf of Generali Switzerland who tell you that you are the beneficiary of considerable sums of money, this is very likely to be an attempt at fraud.

Generali Switzerland takes the provision of insurance advice very seriously and protects your data.

  • Generali Switzerland does not work with call centres based abroad promising discounts and special offers.
  • Generali Switzerland does not pass on customer information to third parties.
  • Generali Switzerland advisors maintain personal contact with their customers. They work for one of the two main offices or at one of the many other Generali agencies throughout Switzerland.

Fraudulent e-mails: what’s the right way to respond?

Please report phishing e-mails of this sort to the Federal authorities at once, using the website Sending e-mails of this kind is illegal and dangerous and you can play your part in putting a stop to it and helping to keep everyone safe.


  • Don’t disclose any personal information or details of your bank accounts.
  • Do not open any attachments, as they may contain viruses.

Fraudulent phone calls: what’s the right way to respond?

Please report fraudulent phone calls to the police at once using the number 117. Please let your personal Generali advisor know about the incident.


  • Do not share any personal data, financial information or details about your insurance. If you are provoked with false statements, do not continue the conversation.
  • If someone on the phone puts you under pressure, hang up.
  • Ask questions and make note of the company, name and telephone number of the caller.

The information sheet “Bei Anruf... Betrug” (available in German, French and Italian) from the Schweizerische Kriminalprävention (Swiss Crime Prevention association) includes more helpful tips on how to handle fraud attempts.