General Terms and Conditions – Smart Savings

May 2021 edition

In addition to these “General Terms and Conditions – Smart Savings”, Smart Savings is also subject to the GPC underlying the product (pillar 3a).

What is Smart Savings?

With Smart Savings, for every payment you make with your credit card, a small top-up amount goes into your pillar 3a.

  • You choose the rounding method for your Smart Savings amounts.
  • You specify the credit card you wish to use to round up payments.
  • We will then send you a weekly SMS with the Smart Savings amounts, which you can accept and pay directly into your pillar 3a.


How does registration work?

When you first register for Smart Savings, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name and mobile phone number on the registration page and choose your rounding method. Then you enter the card number of the credit card to which you wish to add the Smart Savings amounts.


The credit card number you indicate is stored directly with Visa. Visa will report the amount of each transaction made with the registered credit card. We will not be able to see where the credit card was used or what was purchased.


How does the savings process work?

Once you have registered, every week you use the specified credit card once or several times, we will send you an SMS with the Smart Savings amount – based on your chosen rounding method – and a link. When you click on the link, you will be taken directly to the deposit page where you enter your credit card details (it can be the same or another card) and confirm the payment. This works in the same way as other online payments.


If you do not want to confirm a deposit, you can simply ignore the SMS. Smart Savings deposits are never made automatically.


How do I deregister and what happens afterwards?

Every SMS includes the option to deregister from Smart Savings. If you do so, all your data entered in connection with Smart Savings will be deleted. Deregistering from Smart Savings does not affect your active pillar 3a product (incl. the corresponding GPC).