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Simply good advice: seal of quality for Generali's field service

Dec 21, 2016. Posted in Diverses

How can you recognise a good advisor? Besides valid qualifications, constant training is also important. Generali has long been investing in training, and its high standards are now certified by Cicero – a new register of approved insurance advisors.

Advice by Generali is subject to the highest standards of quality – that’s why all employees undergo ongoing specialist and personal further training. Cicero is designed to help you assess this objectively, as a seal of quality for competent advice from the Insurance Industry Vocational Training Association (VBV).


Quality label for transparent training and development

As a customer, how do I know that my insurance partner is up to date on the latest professional developments and reliable? This question has been at the centre of discussions by the VBV. As part of a specialist commission, Generali and other insurers have been campaigning for more transparency in training and development. The result: Cicero. Certified Insurance Competence. A Switzerland-wide seal of quality for competent customer advice – and lifelong learning.


Comprehensible further training guaranteed

Legislative reforms. Demographic change. The environment is changing. Which is why it's all the more important that your advisor stays up to date. The process for doing so is now being made public in the form of the "Advisor Check" on Here, every advisor has their own profile that clearly shows their specialist skills and competencies. Generali is one of the first insurers to certify all of its field service employees.


And it's not just Cicero members who are assessed, but seminars and training providers too. To find out more about how the certification process works and what requirements apply in terms of specialist knowledge and occupational fitness, see the current Cicero campaign. 

Cicero spot TV (in German)

How does Cicero work? – Explainer video (in German)