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Bike season – putting your safety first

Mar 19, 2018. Posted in Produkte

Spring is here and nature beckons. A bike ride offers the perfect opportunity to soak up the first few rays of sunshine and shake off the weariness of winter. Before mounting your bike, though, you need to remind yourself of the most important safety precautions.

Cycling safely from A to B:

  • Cyclists are more easily overlooked than other road users. Make sure you're easily visible with the correct lighting, particularly at night. Reflectors on spokes and clothing are also recommended.
  • Protect yourself with a suitable bike helmet. When buying a helmet, look for the European standard certification mark EN 1078.
  • Remember to check your blind spots. Before turning, make sure that other road users can see you.
  • Act as a role model to younger bike riders and obey the traffic regulations. Steer your bike carefully and considerately through city traffic.
  • A safety course is particularly recommended for children, as it teaches them the essential rules of the road.
  • Special conditions apply to e-bikers: People often underestimate how fast you can travel on a motor-assisted bike. If you're on one, ride cautiously and factor in the longer braking distances.


Remember this checklist, and you'll be well-equipped to get the most out of your bike. Nevertheless, even exemplary use of the road can't always prevent bicycle accidents. Being ready in the event of an emergency doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. An accident, damage or loss can run up high costs. With our bike insurance you are fully covered.


Further tips for safe cycling are provided by the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (information available in German, French and Italian).