Feedback: Your assessment, our benchmark

Sep 26, 2016. Posted in Services, Produkte

Our motto: If you want to understand, you need to listen. Our objective: gearing our activities even more to your needs. Your feedback shows us how we are doing, which is why we ask you about your experience and our products, services and processes.

Your relationship with Generali is like a journey. From the conclusion of a contract to using a service or making a claim – your needs change with each stage. And of course your journey follows its very own itinerary. However much it may differ from other itineraries – we want to understand what’s important to you and how we can improve our offer to you. This is why we ask you about your expectations, needs and opinions. Because you are the only one who can tell us what we did well, and what we could do better.


In simple terms: you suggest – we change

So, what happens after you give us your feedback? First of all we examine every single feedback very closely. If you tell us you’re unhappy or have a specific question, we will get in touch. Thanks to your feedback we can learn from our clients, both at the organisational and the employee level. We review client feedback in detail and utilise it to make improvements and optimisations. This allows us to make changes that are in your interest and to ensure you are happier with our service than before.


Example 1: Household contents insurance

A client notifies us that the online form for making a claim does not allow all documents to be added. The solution: we have expanded the upload function on our website. Now you can upload more documents and use several different formats, which saves you valuable time when making a claim and ensures that you receive a response more rapidly.


Example 2: Hail insurance

“The flow of information is slow. I don’t know where I stand.”

This comment was sent to us by a client who had submitted a claim for hail damage. We took this feedback to heart and further developed our SMS information system. Now you are always kept up to date and receive a message after every step of the processing of your claim.


Have you moved house recently or changed e-mail provider? To allow us to ask you about your experience in future, please update your address and contact details simply and conveniently.