Legal security in daily life: in Switzerland and abroad

Oct 31, 2016. Posted in Produkte

Our world is becoming more mobile, so it’s good to have legal security when travelling for pleasure or work. Steve Vollenweider, General Manager of Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance Ltd.*, explains how customer feedback impacted product development.

In simple terms: Do I actually need legal protection insurance?

Absolutely. Legal protection insurance is essential for anyone who wants to protect themselves from the financial consequences of a legal case. FORTUNA Top legal protection insurance offers our customers optimum, contemporary legal protection.


What makes FORTUNA Top legal protection insurance unique?

For one, it provides comprehensive cover in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world. FORTUNA Top legal protection insurance offers legal security in all situations with an insured sum of up to CHF 1 million. It involves no waiting periods, deductibles or minimum disputed sums – only excellent service. Experienced legal experts and lawyers provide legal advice. Policyholders can submit claims by phone at any time and receive quick and competent help. Property owners also have the option of taking out a supplementary module that provides legal security in the areas of property and construction law. Last but not least, Fortuna Top offers great value for money. Complete protection for your family will cost you around CHF 1 a day.


“If you want to understand, you need to listen.” How big a role did the Generali motto play in product development?

A big one. We carefully looked into the wishes and needs of our existing and potential customers. We integrated both first-hand experience from customer advisors and direct feedback from our customers into the development of our products. The focus was on the continuously changing needs in the digital age. This way we were able to, for example, integrate Internet law in our FORTUNA Top legal protection insurance.


What happens if I need to make a claim?

Let’s take an example: A customer’s employment contract is terminated unlawfully. He obtains initial advice from a legal expert over the phone, before sending the necessary documentation to Fortuna. A certified legal expert or lawyer checks the factual and legal bases and defends the customer’s interests against the employer. Fortuna has 60 legal experts and lawyers, grouped into specialised teams, dedicated to asserting the customer’s rights.


And finally: Where are things headed?

Legal protection will in future consist of flexible building blocks, and customers will pick exactly the legal protection they need. Products must be developed continuously, especially in relation to the Internet, but also in specific areas of the law such as inheritance or divorce law. Service will become increasingly important. Not only in the event of a claim. One thing is certain: customer feedback will continue to shape the development of Fortuna.


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* Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance Ltd. is a subsidiary of Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd.