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Time to dust off your skis: How to get the skiing season off to a safe start

Oct 12, 2015. Posted in Produkte

The skiing season is about to begin. Time to put your gear and fitness to the test. Because winter activities are twice the fun when you're properly prepared.

To allow you to get going as soon as the snow starts to settle, we have put together a few tips:


Equipment – the pro's check-list

  • Skis: Have your binding adjusted at a specialist shop. Bring your ski shoes with you and make sure that the Swiss Council of Accident Prevention (BFU) sticker is on them. It is important to accurately mention your height, weight, age and skiing style (amateur, professional, etc.). Remember that you can stop more easily if the edges of your skis have been sharpened.
  • Eye protection: Ski goggles and sunglasses not only have to be comfortable but should also offer sufficient protection from UV rays.
  • Helmet: Your helmet should fit you perfectly and meet the European EN 1077 standard. Try it on with your ski goggles or sunglasses and with your chin strap unfastened. It shouldn't wobble if you shake your head.
  • Extra tips for snowboarders:
    - Wrist-guards: Protect your wrists from hyperextension and compression forces.
    - Bindings: Tighten the screws on your bindings regularly.


Training – start preparation early

  • Pre-season: Get fit before you hit the slopes. Not only will you have more fun, you will also reduce muscle stiffness and the risk of injury. Focus on strengthening your core and leg muscles and improving your balance.
  • At the start of the season: Take skiing lessons and improve your technique under professional guidance.


Codes of conduct – traffic regulations for winter athletes

Being mindful of other skiers and snowboarders is the top priority. Read through the FIS Rules these explain the code of conduct on the slope and how you should act in case of an accident.                   


For more tips on getting ready for the skiing season read the bfu Advice Booklet. Despite taking all necessary precautions, things don't always run smoothly on the slopes. That's why it's wise to take out accident insurance and disability pension insurance to protect yourself from the consequences of an accident.