Debt collection legal protection

It’s tiresome for companies when their customers or suppliers fail to pay. And often, the tedious dunning processes end with the amount having to be written off. With debt collection legal protection insurance, we are ready to enforce your claims.

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Debt collection legal protection insurance in brief

Debt collection legal protection insurance is designed for companies that don’t want to handle the process of collecting debts themselves. Our debt collection legal protection insurance takes care of the collection of your undisputed and non-periodic claims. What’s more, it includes 15 credit assessments of your business partners, customers or suppliers. You can take out this module as a supplement to the corporate legal protection insurance module BASIC.

Your benefits

Debt collection for receivables

Ensure your invoices are paid.

  • Collect on undisputed debts
  • 15 credit assessments for business partners and customers
  • Quick and competent help from legal specialists
  • Coverage of up to CHF 50,000 annually in Switzerland

Practical example

Despite being sent several reminders, a customer of Pay AG fails to pay the outstanding amount of CHF 1,000. Thanks to our intervention, the amount is transferred.

Our team of advisors for your company

Protect what’s important to your company. We’re happy to advise you personally.

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