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Managing absences, recording entitlements to insurance benefits, filling out forms. Your HR department should be able to deal with insurance matters as easily and efficiently as possible. We help it do just that with SunetPlus. This software solution both automates and simplifies the administration involved, saving you time and money. If your company is insured with us, you’ll get the program free of charge.

What is SunetPlus?


The simple HR tool for companies

SunetPlus is a software that you can install directly on your computer. It helps your HR department manage cases of accident and illness. The overview and simple functions mean you can work more efficiently and will be less prone to making mistakes.


SunetPlus is particularly suitable for larger companies with a total payroll of CHF 2 million or more and at least 10 to 15 notified claims a year.


SunetPlus allows you to record your employees’ accident- and illness-related absences electronically and submit them to us directly. What’s more, it comes with a whole host of helpful additional functions like statistics and printing out forms.



If your company is insured with us, you can get the SunetPlus tool completely free. Simply download the tool from the manufacturer’s website and follow the installation instructions in the guide.


You can find lots more information about SunetPlus here on the website of our partner BBT Software. If you have any questions about installing or using the program, BBT Software will be happy to help.


Additional options

We can make the BBTprenet solution available on request. It is designed specifically for large companies with more than 500 employees. It provides a practical online platform through which employees can report accidents and illnesses. Your HR officers only need to view and approve the reports, thus cutting your organisation’s workload.

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