Disqualified from driving? These are your rights.

Caught speeding? Using your phone? The episode about what you need to know if you are disqualified from driving.

Caught speeding? Or using your mobile at the wheel? It doesn’t take much to lose your license. We’ll explain your rights and everything you need to know if you are disqualified from driving.

Learn about common legal pitfalls with our podcast series

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Podcast episode highlights

Our podcast with our legal specialists and experts is currently broadcast in Swiss German and French. This episode is full of valuable tips about what to do if you have been disqualified from driving.

Minute 0:40

Key points about being disqualified from driving

  • What are the most common reasons for being disqualified from driving?
  • What can you do if you are accused of not being in control of your vehicle?
  • What is the situation if you have an accident but nobody else is hurt?

Minute 2:45

When you need your driving license for your work

  • Can you avoid a fine if both parties involved in an accident agree?
  • Is the situation with licence suspensions different if I need my driving licence for work?


Legal protection insurance

We help you know your rights.

Minute 5:00

Answers to listeners’ questions

  • How long can I delay being disqualified from driving?
  • What are the minimum and maximum number of months I need to give up my licence for?
  • What forms of transport am I allowed to drive once my driving licence has been suspended?
  • What is the best tip to avoid conflict on the roads?


Having their license suspended can be a serious matter especially for people who need to drive for work. Our legal protection insurance advisors will be able to advice you on whether you can prevent being disqualified from driving.

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