Help, I lost my job. What do I do now?

Can my employment contract be terminated without cause? How to deal with a dismissal without notice? This episode.

Valeria V. Vonlaufen

Valeria completed her Master’s at the University of St. Gallen. Following several years of working in the banking sector, at law firms and at district courts in Italian- and German-speaking Switzerland, she joined us as a legal specialist for our legal protection insurance. She mainly deals with employment, contract and tenancy law cases. 

Can my employment contract be terminated without cause? What are my rights if it is terminated without notice? This episode explains everything you need to know and what to do if you think you have been treated unfairly.

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Podcast episode highlights

Our podcast with our legal specialists and experts is currently broadcast in Swiss German. This episode is full of valuable tips about what to do if you have been dismissed from your work.

Minute 1:21

Explained: the different types of termination

  • What is “ordinary termination”?
  • What is “termination without notice”?
  • What are the reasons for termination without notice?
  • What is “wrongful termination”?
  • What are the reasons for wrongful termination?
  • What is “unlawful termination”?
  • Can I be dismissed from work while ill?
  • What is “dismissal protection”?


Legal protection insurance

We help you know your rights.

Minute 5:22

Everything you need to know for handing in your notice

  • What does freedom to terminate mean?
  • Must I provide a reason in my notice of termination?
  • By when do I need to cancel my employment contract?
  • Are there templates for letters of termination?
  • Do I have to provide proof of termination?


Either party may terminate an employment contract. However, there are also certain restrictions. Document the situation and observe the relevant notice periods, because they are very important.

Download letter template

Sample template Word Size
Invalid termination DOCX 0 Mb
Appeal against termination without notice DOCX 0 Mb
Appeal against wrongful termination DOCX 0 Mb
Incapacity to work after giving notice DOCX 0 Mb
Termination of the employment contract DOCX 0 Mb

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