Parcel didn't arrive?

The episode with answers to key questions about successful online shopping.

Ordered something online but it never arrived? Or it was damaged? And, what if a purchase was made by your child? In this episode, our legal protection expert Sara Hürlimann will answer some key questions about online shopping.

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Podcast episode highlights

Our podcast with our legal specialists and experts is currently broadcast in Swiss German and French. These are the valuable tips we’ll be sharing to make your online shopping a success.

Minute 0:45

Goods arrived damaged – what now?

  • What can I do if the goods I ordered are damaged when they arrive?
  • What happens if the damaged goods are delivered while I am on holiday and I do not notice the damage immediately?
  • Suppose a piece of furniture is delivered with a small scratch that does not bother me – should I complain anyway?


Legal protection insurance

Protection in the event of a dispute and help to assert your contractual rights.

Minute 3:50

Order arrived too late or not at all?

  • What can I do if the delivery of my parcel is delayed?
  • Who is liable if my parcel does not arrive at all?

Minute 6:45

I never ordered this!

  • What is the right thing to do if I receive a delivery I did not order?
  • One listener wants to know: “What happens if my child buys something online without me knowing?”


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