Used car: Key points to look out for.

The episode that explains the key things to look out for when buying or selling a used car.

Zvonko Nevistic

Zvonko completed his Master’s in Law at the University of Lucerne. After graduating, he worked for a legal protection insurer, at the District Court of Lucerne and for the SBB. He has been a senior legal specialist within the legal customer service team at our Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance since 2017.

What should you do if you notice defects in a used car after you bought it? What does “sold as seen” mean in a contract? And what do I need to be aware of when I want to sell my own car? We explain the key things to look out for when buying or selling a used car.

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Podcast episode highlights

Our podcast with our legal specialists and experts is currently broadcast in Swiss German. These are the valuable tips we’ll be sharing to avoid nasty surprises when buying a used car.


Minute 0:50

What do I need to look out for when buying a used car?

  • What specifically do I need to look out for before buying a used car?
  • What do the terms “clearance” and “accident-free” mean?
  • Where can I seek expert help with appraising a car?


Minute 3:10

What are the most important things to check before buying a used car?

  • The owner does not want me to take his used car for a test drive. Should I insist on this?
  • What is important to bear in mind when signing the contract?
  • What does “sold as seen and tested” or “caveat emptor” mean?


Buying a used car always involves an element of risk. In case of doubt, have the vehicle inspected by a car mechanic. If defects are discovered, they must be reported immediately – it's best to do so by registered letter.

Minute 5:00

Defects – and how to deal with them

  • What can I do if I notice defects in the vehicle after purchase?
  • What is the difference between a defect and wear and tear?
  • Does the warranty on a used car protect me if defects occur later?


Minute 7:00

Questions about financing a used car purchase

  • Is it wise to lease a used car?
  • What do I need to bear in mind if I want to sell my own car?


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