Accident insurance after retirement.

I am retiring. What does that mean for my accident insurance cover?

Aldrin Rashiti, Product Manager Non-Life Commercial

Aldrin has six years of experience in the insurance industry as a recovery specialist for liability law and as a personal insurance underwriter. He completed his degree in business management alongside his work. Aldrin’s job involves using his comprehensive expertise to design and develop innovative insurance products.

As a person in employment in Switzerland, you are insured through your employer in the event of an accident. However, this accident cover in accordance with UVG ends when you retire. We explain how you can protect yourself against accidents and what you should keep in mind.

How are retirees insured against accidents?

As you transition from working to retirement, you will no longer be insured against accidents by your employer. You have to purchase accident insurance as a supplement to basic insurance from your health insurance provider. This will ensure that you are financially protected in the event of a claim. The transition will be seamless, provided you act within the prescribed deadlines.


How long do I have accident insurance for after retirement?

Your accident insurance as provided by your employer will end approximately one month after you stop working, more specifically, on the 31st day after your entitlement to at least half your salary ceases. You should add accident cover to your basic insurance within this month. Are you considering early retirement? In this case, you should also check within a month to see how you are insured. It might also make sense to take out additional protection in the form of private accident insurance. 


Do you still need accident insurance after retiring?

Yes, adding accident cover to your basic insurance is essential. Accident cover in accordance with KVG is compulsory in Switzerland, even after you are no longer publicly insured in accordance with UVG. If you forget to purchase accident cover through your health insurance, you will not be required to pay medical or care costs after an accident. These will be paid by your health insurance as a gesture of goodwill. However, you will be required to pay the premiums you missed during the time you were uninsured retroactively. 


Why should I take out private insurance after retirement?

Private accident insurance expands your coverage after an accident. At Generali, we offer additional benefits as listed below. We will adjust the insurance cover to meet your needs:

  • Additional treatment costs
  • Additional daily accident benefit
  • Free choice of doctors, hospitals and assistance services worldwide
  • Transport costs (e.g. Rega Swiss air ambulance) and the costs of property damage (e.g. bicycle, motorcycle)
  • Additional benefits in the event of disability and death

If you have an accident, you will enjoy all the benefits of private insurance. You can also add legal protection insurance to your accident insurance. What benefits are important to you?

Accident insurance – the ideal supplement

Get protection that goes beyond that provided by compulsory basic insurance.

I retired, but I am going to start working again – what should I bear in mind?

If you work at least eight hours a week as an employee (that is, you are not self-employed), your employer will cover your accident insurance. In this case, you can remove accident cover from your basic insurance. To do this, inform your health insurance that you no longer wish to add this option to your compulsory health insurance policy. Do not forget to take out accident cover once again when you stop working.


At what point do I no longer need accident insurance?

All people in Switzerland who are employed and work at least eight hours a week for one employer are required to have accident insurance in accordance with UVG. Unemployed people are also covered under the Federal Act on Unemployment Insurance. There is no need to have accident cover in accordance with UVG for:

  • Stay-at-home spouses
  • Children
  • Students
  • Retirees

However, these people really need to take out accident cover via their health insurance.

Accident insurance in accordance with UVG is also not mandatory for those in self-employment. Although they are not required to have accident insurance in accordance with UVG under federal law, they must have accident cover via their health insurance. For self-employed persons, we recommend private accident insurance in addition to accident cover in accordance with KVG. We will be happy to advise you on the right accident cover for you. 

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