Sports and Culture

Passion, feelings and great moments.

Precisely what music, film and running all have in common. They bring people together, create emotional experiences, motivate us and can make our dreams come true.

As an insurance company, we take responsibility. For people, their security and their future. Thanks to our commitments in the fields of music, film and running, we aim to motivate people to believe in themselves, realise their dreams and live their passions. And we are a strong partner at the side of our employees, customers and business partners.


When it comes to our commitments, we set great store in our responsibility to society. We want to make an active contribution to a sustainable society. That is why we and our partners support the projects of the Generali foundation, The Human Safety Net.


The Human Safety Net is a global movement to empower disadvantaged people, powered by the Generali Group. The programme also addresses various societal challenges, which all share a common objective: to unlock human potential.


And that’s exactly what we want to achieve with our partnerships.


Take a look and learn more about our projects.