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ZFF for kids: monthly film workshops

We are helping to expand the Zurich Film Festival’s (ZFF) programme for children. Now, educational film workshops will take place once a month all year round – not just during the ZFF. The workshops are for children aged between 8 and 13. During the morning, the kids will learn about how films are made and can get involved themselves, both in front of and behind the camera. After a delicious spaghetti lunch, the young directors can look forward to a film screening.


“ZFF for kids” is organised by Yvonne Augustin. She has a doctorate in film, and has produced children’s films herself. She aims to inspire children and school pupils with a passion for cinema. She believes in “learning by doing” rather than in boring theory. “I find it moving to witness the excitement and drive that children radiate when they make films themselves. The workshops allow them to express themselves effectively through images while being understood and taken seriously.”


Want to get involved? Go to registration: ZFF for kids

ZFF for kids with the ZFF mascot “Goldie”