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Budget hacks for a cost friendly wedding

Jul 17, 2020.

Planning a wedding is a special time and can almost be as fun as the event itself, so it's important to enjoy every second! It can be easy to get carried away and see the costs of your special day spiral,  yet the most personal weddings often feature 'do-it-yourself' touches that make for a truly special and memorable day. Here are some creative ways to keep costs down and ensure you still have the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding dresses

The price tag of wedding gowns can be eye-watering. Consider hiring a dress or buying one second-hand – and look out for sample sales, where you can often pick-up designer dresses for a fraction of their normal price.



Bridesmaid wedding dress

Avoid bridal shops! Instead, high street retailers sell gorgeous dresses for bridesmaids. Why not give them a colour to stick to, some basic shape and length preferences, and have them buy their own? They can send you photos before making the final purchase to make sure it looks good to you, but this way, they'll have a dress they can wear for future events and you save yourself the money.



Print your own

Consider designing your own wedding stationery using websites such as Canva, which provide lots of great templates that you can populate and send for printing. When choosing a printer, opt for a small, independent company. Alternatively, why not go digital and send e-invites using websites such as Paperless Post? That will save on both printing and postage!




Catering for lots of people can get expensive, but there are plenty of smart ways to keep costs down! For example, swap dessert for cake, opt for a vegetarian course and choose a buffet to keep the cost of serving staff low.



Photos and videos

Photographers tend to be hired by the hour, so a good option is to use a professional for the ceremony and get friends and relatives to take snaps for the remainder of the day. Ask them to share them on social media using a specific hashtag and you'll be able to find them easily. You could even get disposable cameras for tables and encourage guests to have fun with them for you to develop later and enjoy.




Wedding favours aren't a necessity but they add a lovely touch! Keep costs to a minimum and have fun by making them yourself and roping in relatives to help. Ideas include home-made jams and chutneys, bracelets and lavender filled hearts.




Flowers can be very costly and they're not always necessary. If you’re having your wedding in a rural area, why not round up some friends and family and pick your own? You can also forage in friends' and families' gardens. Wild flowers are beautiful and they will also be seasonal.




Time to go to charity shops and second-hand shops – you'll be amazed at what you can find! Think about rustic decanters on tables, making signs from recycled planks and turning glasses and jam jars into candle holders.




You can easily make confetti yourself if you begin in time! Simply invest in a flower press, pick some pretty flowers and repeat the process until you have enough.




Time to tap into the skills of musical friends and relatives. If any guests play an instrument, why not rope them into playing at your wedding, perhaps as you walk down the aisle? For dancing, you could skip a DJ and instead hire some great speakers and pull together your own playlists on your phone or tablet—simply plug in and press play!




The venue is often the largest cost. Many venues have restrictions, such as limiting you to using their own suppliers, which can push prices up. Marquee weddings can sound cheaper, but they often work out equally expensive because you need to hire more in, such as glassware, tables and chairs. Write a list of must-haves, ask the right questions, such as who the venue suppliers are and the how long you can hire for, and go from there.




Bulk orders from discount supermarkets and wholesalers are ideal for soft drinks. If you'd like alcohol, try and find a venue that doesn't charge corkage and allows you to provide your own.




Make your own! Find some recipes you love and either try your hand at making your own or ask a friend or relative to do the honours for you. It adds a lovely personal touch to the wedding and nothing beats home-made cake.




There's a lot to be said for a smaller wedding. They're more intimate and personal and give you time to chat properly to your guests. Inviting only special friends and family will save a huge amount of money and also widen your venue choices.


Finally, have you ever considered contacting a local university to see if they have any students who would be willing to offer their services for a smaller payment than professionals? For example, photography or videography students. This is a brilliant way to keep costs low and source new talent!


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