Digital transformation : three top companies in the sustainable investment plan

Aug 9, 2021.

Invest your money in companies that make our world demonstrably better and focus on future-relevant issues. Our sustainable investment plan Tomorrow Invest lets you find only companies that have made it through our three-stage selection process and achieved top ratings for sustainability. That also applies to the three companies in this article. They are among the front runners in the key sector “digital transformation & data security”. They have an extraordinary commitment to the environment and society.



Inficon Holding AG

Time and again, this company from Bad Ragaz manages to push the boundaries of technology as a global leader in the measurement technology field. Customers can use its software to more productively control their processes in highly specialised industries, produce high-quality results and continue to develop/expand their digital infrastructure. Inficon Holding’s products can be found primarily in the life sciences and aerospace industries.


Comprehensive sustainability plan: Alongside its sustainability plan, the company has also found ways to make the daily life of its employees more environmentally friendly. In 2000, the company set out to use less energy on the way to work. The company has initiated bicycle riding courses, free repair days and a mobility club. Employees receive an “eco-bonus” or mobility membership as an incentive. The company has been recognised numerous times for this mobility concept.



oracle corporation

This company develops and sells hardware and software. Its Oracle Database system is known worldwide. Oracle focuses strongly on improving data transparency and manufacturing in a more environmentally friendly manner. Renewable energy supplies 59% of the energy used in the Oracle cloud computing centres; that should be 100% by 2025. Oracle has saved more than 90,000 tonnes of CO2 over the last five years with its initiatives. That’s equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 55 fully loaded A380 aircraft flying from Zurich to Singapore and back.


Great employer: Oracle also wants to improve the world outside its core business. The company supports more than 6,000 non-profit organisations worldwide. In addition, about 35,000 Oracle Volunteers are engaged in supporting society and the environment with several small commitments. The Oracle Corporation was also listed by Forbes as one of the world’s best employers in 2020.



Universal Display Corporation (UDC)

US-based UDC develops organic light diodes (OLEDs), which have revolutionised smartphone and television displays with super-sharp images in 4K. Everyday lighting has also become much more efficient thanks to OLEDs, as the diodes require very little energy, have a long lifetime and are made entirely without mercury.


Clear goals: UDC has defined timelines for how it intends to reduce its emissions. It is investing in energy-efficient devices that continuously improve the company's carbon footprint. UDC has been ranked one of the 500 fastest growing energy and tech companies in North America on several occasions.

Selecting the companies for

As well as companies that focus on energy and climate change, Tomorrow Invest also includes ones that make a commitment to sustainability in areas that are important to the economy or society, such as data security or demographic change.


Starting with a global list of exchange-listed companies, we select the ones that match our standards and values. This is based on the following criteria:

  • Key sectors: We only invest in pioneering key sectors. At present, these are “energy & climate change”, “changing demographics”, and “digital transformation & cyber security”.
  • Sustainability: All companies are reviewed by Sustainalytics, one of the world’s leading ratings agencies. We only invest in companies that can prove their commitment to sustainability.
  • Composition: Our investment experts ensure an optimal mix of your investment plan, with a focus on Swiss companies.


Once a company has successfully made it through this three-stage selection process, it can be considered for inclusion in our sustainable investment plan.