ESG: how to change the world with three letters

Mar 31, 2021.

What if you could invest not just in your own future but also in creating a better world? With an ESG investment plan, you can – by investing your money in sustainable companies that are committed to clean energy or data security, for instance. At the same time, you benefit from sustainable returns.

A focus on environmental, social and governance issues

You buy Fairtrade coffee, wear clothes made of organic cotton and drive an economical car. Sustainability is already an established part of our daily lives. But it’s also been a big topic in the investment world for some time now. With a sustainable investment plan, you can make a difference – with no additional effort or expense on your part. The latest studies show that today’s investors are no longer just interested in high returns and low risk – they also want to know how sustainable the companies they invest in are. This change in philosophy can now be seen in financial markets worldwide.


Examples of ESG in companies

In relation to investments, sustainability is measured and evaluated according to ESG criteria. ESG stands for “environmental, social and governance” – three words with far-reaching effects. Here are some examples:


Environmental: environmental and climate awareness

Example: affordable and clean energy. Vestas Wind Systems is one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the wind power industry and a key player in the energy transition. With its wind turbines, Vestas Wind Systems has saved more than 1.3 billion tonnes of CO2.


Social: working conditions and equality

Example: health and wellbeing. The Swiss company Sonova Holding AG is one of the world’s top three providers of hearing solutions. With its Hear the World Foundation, Sonova raises awareness of hearing loss and supports projects for children affected by it.


Governance: corporate management and economic growth

Example: decent work and transparency. Europe’s largest software group, SAP, is known for its highly transparent and clear governance mechanisms that always consider the needs of the different stakeholders.



Good returns from future-relevant topics

Investing in the future is becoming an increasingly good move. The market for sustainable investments has been growing steadily in Switzerland since 2010, and has experienced a strong uptrend since 2015. Studies show that companies rated well in terms of sustainability can also offer good returns. Generali relies on the expertise of the world’s largest ratings agency, Sustainalytics, for this assessment. It screens companies at all levels, so that empty environmental promises and false PR statements (“greenwashing”) don’t stand a chance.


Anyone who watches the financial markets closely will have noticed that investments in future-relevant areas have been performing well in recent years. Digitalisation and clean energy are just two of these. When investing money, you sometimes need a bit of luck. But experienced advisors and foresight are much more important when it comes to generating good returns.

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