Sustainable investment megatrend: what does Switzerland think about it?

Apr 7, 2021.

Generali Switzerland carried out a representative survey of the population on investment behaviour and attitudes to sustainability. We surveyed over 1,000 people between the ages of 25 and 55 in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. You can discover our findings here.

The results of our survey show that only a small segment of the Swiss population invests in a sustainable future, even though sustainability is highly important to them. But the survey also shows that people are open to sustainable products and investments. The top three answers indicate which aspects of sustainable capital investment are particularly important to respondents.


They want to invest in companies that:

  • use natural resources carefully.
  • stand up for fair working conditions.
  • combat or at least do not further climate change.


When it comes to expectations of sustainable investments, the environment is highly important to respondents. Just how important can also be seen in other consumer questions. An overwhelming 70% of the 25 to 55 age group, for instance, are willing to pay more for a product if it has been produced to sustainable, environmental standards. There are, however, regional and gender-specific differences. Women are more interested in sustainability than men. And French-speaking Switzerland weights the issue higher than the rest of Switzerland.


High returns with the megatrends of tomorrow

For a few years now, sustainability has been a factor not just in shopping or travel but also in savings. This has risen sharply in Switzerland in recent years. The Swiss want to invest in their own future, but they also want to invest in a better world. That’s what almost ⅔ of respondents say when asked to think about their retirement provision. And they’re not alone. In Switzerland, the demand for sustainable investments has been increasing sharply since 2015.


Most respondents also believe that these sustainable investments generate higher returns than traditional options. And they’re right – sustainable investments are a clear growth market with healthy potential returns. The days when you had to pay for sustainability with poor returns are well and truly over.

Supporting the climate isn’t just a matter of conscience. One investment front runner is the clean energy field, which outstripped the broad equity market in 2020. 


The fact is: Although many would like to invest sustainably, half of the respondents don’t know how to go about it. And the abbreviation ESG has only been heard of by a minority. ESG stands for: Environmental, Social and Governance. This means that ESG investments are investments in companies that take their environmental, social and corporate governance responsibilities seriously.


So the interest is there. And products to match that interest are on the market. Because with each passing year, private provision for old age is becoming increasingly important. The AHV and the pension fund are becoming less able to maintain standards of living after retirement the longer they run. So it’s high time to close the pension gap.

Generali solution

Think of the future with Tomorrow Invest

Our sustainable investment plan Tomorrow Invest allows you to make private, sustainable and profitable pension provisions.


With Tomorrow Invest, you invest in companies that are

  • 30–50% based in Switzerland.
  • sustainable, as confirmed by leading specialist Sustainalytics.
  • focussed on future-oriented key industries.
  • among the best in their class.


You can add the investment plan Tomorrow Invest when you can choose from our pension solutions. So you benefit from insurance coverage and pension capital at the same time. Our experts will be happy to help you put this plan together in a way that works best for you.