Investing sustainably: these companies will make you happy – now and in the future

Mar 18, 2022.

Your main reason for investing money is to make a profit. And that’s a good thing. But how about an opportunity that lets you invest automatically in the world of tomorrow? Our sustainable “Tomorrow Invest” investment plan makes this possible – because your money is invested in companies that make our world demonstrably better and focus on future-relevant issues. These two examples illustrate what this means.


Geberit: saving the equivalent of a Lake Zurich every year

Geberit has a significant and direct influence on the amount of water its customers use: the company – based in Rapperswil-Jona – is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sanitary products.


Geberit’s utmost priority is the sparing use of resources and intelligent water management. One of the areas the company focuses on is deploying innovative systems in the cisterns to use less water. And this has reaped rewards: in 2020 alone, owners of Geberit cisterns saved a total of 3.3 billion cubic metres of water. This is only slightly less than the volume of water held in Lake Zurich!


And these savings are set to increase yet further: for ten years and more, Geberit has insisted that every product should be more ecological than its predecessor. For instance, the CleanLine shower channel requires 85 per cent less stainless steel than its predecessor model.


Applied Materials: helping children’s dreams come true

The fact that you can read these words right now is probably due at least in part to Applied Materials. As experts in material technology, the California-based company supplies components for advanced displays. However, the company’s interests go beyond mere technological progress: over recent years, it has featured not just once, but multiple times in the list of the world’s top ten most ethical companies.


Applied Materials feel especially strongly about helping shape our society, which is why they launched the “Generation Girl Initiative”. All children, regardless of gender, race or parental income, should be able to make their dreams come true. Special educational programmes help them achieve their goals in a range of US states. Young women in particular should be able to realise their potential – including in technical sectors that are still dominated by men.


Also a strong role model for environmental protection


The Group employs a workforce of around 27,000 in over 15 countries around the world. In 2019 the manufacturing processes and corporate operations of Applied Materials consumed around the same amount of CO2 equivalents as the population of the town of Frauenfeld. This is a reasonable volume of emissions given the size of the company. The 144,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide were produced from sources owned by Applied Materials or from energy that is bought in. The company wants to halve this number by 2030.


Furthermore, it wants to switch its US operations exclusively to renewable energy as soon as the end of 2022. Solar cells on the roofs of its operating facilities in Singapore, China and the USA produce an annual total of 374 MWh of clean energy. This could power around 80 family homes with electricity for a year.


With life insurance or simply as an investment solution

Every company that is part of Tomorrow Invest must pass the three-stage Generali selection process and have a prime sustainability rating. Key sectors are “energy and climate change”, “digital transformation and data security” and “demographic change”.


When you take out life insurance with us, you have a choice of three savings profiles. You can select Tomorrow Invest as an investment option within the PROFIT profile. Tomorrow Invest is also available simply as an investment solution.