Sustainable investing: how can I do good with my investments?

Oct 31, 2022.

Inflation and interest rates have not eased up yet and there is also a potential energy shortage to contend with. What does this mean for renters? And how can we do good with sustainable investments while also saving money? Michael Bänziger answers these and other questions in the second episode of CIO News: global events and your investment.


What you need to know about sustainable investments

“There is great potential in the area of sustainable investments,” explains Michael Bänziger, Chief Investment Officer at Generali, in an interview. This affects not only industry, but also private investors. “We can all contribute to creating a better world by starting a sustainability wave with our investments,” he adds. This not only benefits the environment, but also our wallets. As an example, Michael mentions the optimised interest rate that Generali offers when granting mortgages if you make your home energy-efficient.


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Note: In our first episode “Inflation & Interest Rates”, released in August 2022, Jana and Michael discuss the effects of inflation on real estate, shares and pensions.


“Through sustainable investments, you can also make a positive contribution as a private individual.”


Michael Bänziger, Chief Investment Officer, Generali Switzerland


Michael Bänziger has been at Generali since 2019 and has headed the Investment department as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) since 2020. In this role, he monitors global financial markets and positions Generali Switzerland’s investments accordingly.

Prior to joining Generali, he held various investment roles in Switzerland and abroad. Michael Bänziger holds a business administration degree and is a CFA® charterholder from the CFA Institute: he is a tried-and-trusted expert when it comes to financial investments.


Jana Künzler, Product Management Life Expert, Generali Switzerland


Jana Künzler has been at Generali since 2018. As a product manager in the Life Insurance department, she is responsible for various products and developing them further.

After completing a Master of Arts in Business Innovation at the University of St. Gallen, she has worked in different parts of Generali's business. In "CIO news: global events and your investment" Jana interviews Michael and ensure that topical, relevant issues relating to financial topics are clarified. Beside this, Jana is a member of #TeamPensions.