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Saving for retirement

Why you should provide for the future as early as possible

Learn in the first third of life, work in the second and enjoy the third. It’s a good plan, but it doesn’t always work out. Anyone who wants to enjoy a worry-free life after retirement should make financial provisions in the decades beforehand.

The three-pillar system already automatically provides for part of your retirement provision. But an occupational pension is not enough, so you should take charge of your private pension early on. You can find out the most important facts on this topic here: how the pension system works, the easiest way to save and what to look out for in exceptional situations. 


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Saving in everyday life

How do I get my fixed costs under control? And where am I spending a lot without noticing?

How do I close pension gaps through pillar 3a?

Which is better: pillar 3a with a bank or an insurance company? How do I save taxes?

How good is my retirement provision?

Will my pension be enough to live on later? Are there gaps in my retirement provision?

How else can I provide for the future?

What do I have to watch out for with AHV? Is buying into my pension fund worth it?