Welcome. We are Team Pensions.

Thank you for your interest in our work. You'd like to know who we are? What we do? And what drives us? That's exactly what you'll find out here. Read on and let us introduce ourselves!

What drives us: financial empowerment


We are 8 pensions enthusiasts from different areas of Generali Switzerland. Although having enough to live on after retirement regularly tops the list of things the Swiss worry about most, many people don't know enough about the subject. Because of its complexity.


And that's what we're now going to change. We'll take the mystery out of pension provision using stories from everyday life, informative guides and helpful tips and training sessions. So that you can take the right pension-planning decisions and remain in control of your finances.


No matter what stage of life you're at: whether moving out for the first time, getting married, building a house, starting a family, planning a career break or saving for a pension. We are only too aware of the potential pitfalls that lie ahead. So: set off on your journey, take the next steps, plan a secure future – with us at your side, all the way.


We're here for you.

Meet #TeamPensions

Guido G. Studier

Moderator and Coach

“Pension gaps in later life result from two misjudgements: underestimating how much you will need in old age, and overestimating how much you will get. This quote from Achim Reichert is something I think about as a husband, father and as a seminar host for over 25 years. For Team Pensions, I aim to counter this quote with some simple tips and tricks.”

Jana Künzler

Product Manager

“We live in a world of 1,000 possibilities. Whether you’re changing careers in your late twenties, taking part-time employment, freelancing or taking a sabbatical, your pension is as unique as your own life journey. As part of #TeamPensions, I want to support everyone in finding the right path to their own pension. After all, this subject is more personal and important than ever before.”

Gizem Açal

Insurance Consultant

"For a long time, I thought I was well enough insured through my employer. But when I became a consultant two years ago, I completely changed my opinion. It made me aware that planning ahead for retirement is one of the most important issues in our lives – and that's why I joined Team Pensions. I'm thrilled to be there for our customers, whatever their situation in life. And to help empower them to live a carefree life up to retirement and beyond."

Matin Amini


“Helping people find the right way to meet their needs – that was something I was always interested in. The central focus here is the right protection, both financial and personal. As a part of Team Pensions I want to show our readers how they can approach their golden years without worry and also start saving on tax right now.”

Steve Ummel


"Like many people, personal pension provision was uncharted territory to me for a long time – until I made it my job at the age of 26. And it has since become a passion of mine. Through my work, I’ve learned so much more about the issues at stake. And it's important to me to share that knowledge, so that everyone can understand their own situation and feel relaxed and secure about tackling it."

Romain Gremaud

Sales Manager

"For me, pension planning is the most exciting area of the insurance industry. My daily goal is to sit down with my customers and help them find solutions that make sure they can realise their plans in life. How could I not care deeply about that? I'd like to share my passion and make as many people as possible aware of this important topic."

Didier Aeschimann

Key Account Manager

"As a homeowner and father, I took the necessary steps to plan ahead long ago. In my work, it's essential to analyse my customers' situation correctly. That way, I can offer them the best possible protection. I'm surrounded by a large number of experts – each with their own different experiences. That really motivates me. Being involved in Team Pensions lets me share my own knowledge with customers and partners." 

Nina Nest

Growth Hacking Expert

"The issue of pension provision has been running around my head for about three years. But I only really started looking into it properly when I joined Generali. As a growth hacking expert, I help make the customer viewpoint easier to understand. I see myself as Team Pensions’ “Chief Simplification Officer”. I explain complex ideas in a way that is so easy to understand that even complete novices can get a kick out of them."