Webinar: families and retirement provision

Webinar recording

Private pensions serve a number of purposes, from financing your own home to protecting your loved ones or building up your retirement capital. But how much pension cover do families actually need? And how is it financed? What is the impact of the coronavirus, and what does this mean for you as a family? Our “Families and retirement provision” webinar supplies the answers and clears up any uncertainties.


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About this webinar

In three practical steps, we demonstrate how you as a parent can review your own financial security, understand it and make any necessary changes. Whether you are married, a single parent or cohabiting with your partner, you can take charge of your financial security. We will show you how.



  • How to understand and analyse your own situation.
  • How you can protect yourself and your family.
  • Tips and tricks to help you set up your protection with ease.




Michael Lifart,
Sales Manager at Generali


Michael Lifart joined Generali in 2018 and has managed the Thun Agency since 2020. He has extensive expertise built up through in-depth training and many years spent advising customers on pensions and other financial matters. In the webinar, he offers important tips and tricks on family pension provision.


Mario Iannone,
Senior Expert Key Account Management


After training as a business economist and insurance specialist, he held a wide range of positions in the insurance industry. He joined Generali in 2010 and has managed the company’s Swiss-wide network of distribution partners specialising in pensions since 2015.


He is the moderator for the webinar.