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Generali Switzerland insures refugees from Ukraine as household members

Generali Switzerland is expanding its insurance coverage for customers welcoming refugees from Ukraine into their households. On an international level, Generali is also donating EUR 3 million to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and launching a fundraising campaign for families and children in Ukraine.

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The war in Ukraine is currently forcing many people to flee the country. The Swiss population is displaying an enormous amount of solidarity and readiness to help, with many people prepared to welcome refugees into their own four walls. However, this also gives rise to certain concerns, with people wondering about their insurance coverage when refugees become part of their household. 

Customers who welcome refugees from Ukraine into their household are insured against any potential damage

Effective immediately, Generali Switzerland is providing an easy answer for customers welcoming refugees into their homes. The refugees they house will be automatically covered under their existing personal liability or household contents insurance as members of their household. This protection applies to refugees from Ukraine. Generali Switzerland is monitoring and evaluating the situation on an ongoing basis and reserves the right to undertake any necessary adjustments. 

The Generali Group makes a donation to the UNHCR Refugee Agency and helps families from Ukraine via UNICEF 

At international Group level, Generali has established an emergency fund, including a donation to UNHCR of EUR 3 million, to offer financial support to refugees. 

Furthermore, the insurance company is also launching a global fundraising campaign via “The Human Safety Net”, Generali’s social initiative. Generali is using the funds donated to support UNICEF’s work for families with children affected by the war in Ukraine. UNICEF is setting up safe centres along the route taken by refugees to support families and children. The initiative aims to provide safe spaces for families where children can receive protection, along with mental and material support. 

Thanks to the donation portal, Generali ensures that help gets to the families and children affected. Generali will double every donation received. 

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