Investment with capital protection

Three in one: this life insurance allows you to benefit from attractive potential returns, integrated capital protection and a guaranteed lump sum payable on death.

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How financial investment with capital protection works

With our INVESTA Safe life insurance, you make an initial one-time deposit of at least CHF 10,000. This will allow you to benefit from integrated capital protection, potential returns on expiry of your insurance and a guaranteed lump sum death benefit from the first day. So your loved ones will be protected if anything happens to you.

Your benefits

A clever combination

Insurance and attractive capital investments.

  • Attractive capital protection with potential returns
  • Guaranteed death benefit from day one of the cover
  • No health questions up to CHF 300,000
  • Tax advantages if it is taken out before your 66th birthday
  • Privileged inheritance and bankruptcy rules
Für diverse Lebenssituationen

Die Versicherung deckt auch den Ausfall von:

  • Selbstständigerwerbenden
  • Nichterwerbstätigen
  • Personen in der Familienbetreuung

Financial investment with capital protection at a glance

Potential returns
Capital protection
Lump sum death benefit

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Limited supply

There are a limited number of policies available. A similar product will be on offer from mid-August onwards.

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