Pet insurance

The health and well-being of your pets is hugely important to you. Make sure your faithful companions have the protection they deserve. Pet insurance will give you peace of mind in case your pet does need care.

Image Not Found Comprehensive protection for cats and dogs
Image Not Found Covers all veterinary fees
Image Not Found Pays for emergency transport + animal clinics
Image Not Found Includes vaccinations and treatments
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How pet insurance works

Your pets deserve professional support when they need it. Unfortunately, accidents and illness often occur suddenly and can be very costly. Our pet insurance protects your dog or cat. The basic plan covers all veterinary and treatment costs. Plus, you can also take out supplementary insurance to cover hereditary illness and search costs.

Your benefits

Perfect cover for your pet

All-round comprehensive cover for your cat or dog.

  • Health and accident insurance
  • Covers vet + animal hospital costs plus emergency transports
  • Includes vaccinations, physiotherapy and osteopathy
  • Also covers chronic illness
  • Premium remains the same, even in old age
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  • Add as an optional additional service
  • In a event of loss, illness and accident
  • In the event of the pet or owner's death
  • We will make the necessary arrangements
  • Organise vet appointments or dog sitters

Pet insurance at a glance

Coverage types

Basic cover

Supplementary cover

Our advisors are there for you

Our competent advisor team will find the right solutions for you.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Health and accident insurance
  • Pays veterinary fees and hospitalisation
  • Covers the cost of emergency transport
  • Covers vaccinations and treatments

Basic cover
Pet insurance is a comprehensive accident and health insurance for your dog or cat. It always covers the following:

Veterinary fees:

  • Medical treatment
  • Emergency transport
  • Hospitalisation
  • X-rays
  • Homeopathy 

Vaccinations and treatments:

  • Vaccinations
  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy

Coverage amounts
You choose whether you want maximum coverage of CHF 2'000 or CHF 5,000 per year.

In brief

  • Add as optional cover
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Search costs
  • Death benefit

Exactly what you need
You can also take out supplementary insurance to provide even more protection for your four-legged friend. Select from the following optional coverage: 

  • Treatment for hereditary or congenital illness
  • Search costs in the event of loss or theft
  • Death benefit

Practical examples

Creature comforts: protection for your dog or cat. Request a quote now.

As part of our household insurance, you can take out multiple insurances in a single policy – simple, practical and easy to keep track of. Take out exactly the insurance you need to match your lifestyle. You can select from: Household contents, third party liability, cyber, pet and bicycle insurance.
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