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Watercraft insurance

Optimal security, even in the water

Old sea dog or freshwater sailor Dinghy or fancy yacht. Watercraft insurance provides comprehensive cover against your boat running aground or being damaged in a storm or accident. It offers protection in harbours, on rivers and lakes throughout Europe, on the seven seas and even on land, so you can set sail again as soon as possible.

Your benefits

  • Our insurance provides optimal security - in water and on land
  • No bonus/penalty system for third-party liability and full accidental damage insurance
  • Accident protection
  • Natural hazards are also insured on the water.

Insurance cover for you and your watercraft

With our watercraft insurance, boat owners can benefit from comprehensive cover and the best value for their money.

  • Third-party liability insurance is mandatory for many boats and ships. It insures against damage to third parties or their property caused while operating or holding a vessel.
  • Partial accidental damage cover for damage resulting from theft, fire, natural events (both on land and in water), glass breakages and vandalism.
  • Comprehensive accidental damage cover comprises partial accidental damage and cover for collision damage. The best possible insurance cover for your water-going vessel.


There are lots of good reasons to take out our watercraft insurance:

  • Towed and pushed objects are automatically covered.
  • Damage from natural events is covered even if the boat is in the water.
  • Cover can be temporarily expanded to zone B at any time (see below).


How does watercraft insurance work? A specific example:

At the end of a hot summer day, a severe thunderstorm breaks over Lake Zurich. The next day, Mr Miller goes to the harbour where his sailboat is anchored. There, he finds out that his boat was damaged in the storm and sank; only the mast is now visible above the water. Thanks to his partial accidental damage cover, he can rest assured that Generali will assume the costs of the repairs in addition to the costs of recovering and transporting the boat to the dockyard where it will be repaired. A few days later, he's out on the lake again, enjoying the summer weather.


Summary of the details

What benefits does watercraft insurance offer?


Third-party liability insurance and partial or full accidental damage cover; you can also add accident insurance to your policy. If passengers are injured in an accident, benefits are paid immediately, with no bureaucracy and irrespective of liability. You also have the option of supplementing your policy with cover for:

  • Personal effects
  • Third-party liability claims of towed water skiers
  • Transport of the watercraft
  • Cover for a dinghy

Important questions

The policyholder, owner, holder and any operator or user (including crew members and other auxiliary persons) of the insured vessel. Water skiers towed by the vessel are also covered.

The insurance contract takes effect on the date stated in the policy and is renewed each year automatically for the period of one year unless terminated by one of the parties at least three months prior to the expiry date.

Depending on the options chosen, all types of insurance cover (third-party liability, accidental damage and accident insurance) apply in the following areas:

  • Zone A: European inland waters including rivers, channels and their ports up to their outer piers or maritime borders.
  • Zone B: Same as zone A, plus the bodies of water of the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat und Skagerrak Straits, North Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea and adjacent Atlantic bodies of water within the connection lines of 6° north including Bergen, 2° west, 2° north and the Mediterranean including straits and adjacent inland seas.
  • Zone C: worldwide.

The premium is calculated based on the scope of cover selected and depends on multiple criteria, such as:

  • Geographical scope (zone)
  • Price of the watercraft
  • Model (e.g. single-hull ship, multi-hull ship)
  • Engine power
  • Sail size
  • Use

Additional options