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On this page you can find answers to the most asked questions about the following subjects:

Insurance Certificate

The insurance certificate is sent directly and electronically to the Road Traffic Office (Strassenverkehrsamt). As soon as the insurance certificate is issued, you will receive information from our customer services team. The insurance certificate is valid for 30 days.

  • Vehicle data. Listed on the vehicle registration document (copy) or the contract of sale of the vehicle
  • Personal data of the main driver


Do you have all the data? Then you can order an insurance certificate online here.


In the case of oldtimer vehicles, it is mandatory that all vehicles exceed at least the 29th year of operation. Thus, a maximum of 6 oldtimer vehicles can be put on one exchange plate.

For a comprehensive insurance for a classic car we need an expertise. This should not be older than 1 year. You do not have an expertise? Please submit the following documents to us 

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Photos of the vehicle according to the instructions
  • FIVA passport (if available)
  • Copies of receipts for modifications, parts, repairs, restoration receipts, value increasing investments (if available)
  • Vehicle history documents
  • Own estimation how much the vehicle is worth.

Please contact one of our agencies for an assessment of your vehicle. If you take out comprehensive insurance with us, we will cover the costs of the expertise for you.

Change of address

Please inform us of your new address within Switzerland using this form.

  • Has this changed your living arrangements? We will be happy to make you an offer according to your wishes.
  • Are you moving to another canton? Please inform us in good time so that you can obtain your new license plates from the Road Traffic Office (Strassenverkehrsamt).
  • Are you deregistering in Switzerland? Please send us a confirmation of deregistration from your municipal. Your policy will then be cancelled. The Swiss (CH) license plate must be handed in at the Road Traffic Office (Strassenverkehrsamt). Otherwise your motor vehicle insurance will remain active.

Policy changes

  • Coverage increases can be made at any time.
  • Coverage decreases can be made after one year at the earliest.
  • Is there a leasing contract for your vehicle? In this case, the comprehensive insurance is mandatory and cannot be excluded.
  • Your comprehensive insurance must be in place for at least one year. After that, it can be excluded.
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Elementary
  • Snow slide
  • Glas
  • Collision with animals
  • Martens and rodents
  • Vandalism by other persons
  • Crash of aircraft and celestial bodies
  • Assistance


Would you like a quote with semi-comprehensive insurance coverage?


  • Annual payment method
  • Semi-annual payment method. For your motor vehicle insurance, this will result in an installment surcharge of CHF 14.00 per invoice. For the other insurances, an installment surcharge of 3% of the basic premium will be charged.
  • No monthly or quarterly payment method is possible.

You can arrange an installment payment with us. It is mandatory that we receive your request before the first payment reminder.


Here you can find the form for your request.

  • Without a special agreement, you will automatically receive a payment slip.
  • If you pay in at the post office counter, you will be charged additional fees by the post office. You can find an overview of the fees under the following link.
  • Do you use e-banking? With this payment method you do not pay any additional fees
  • E-Bill invoices can be requested online from your bank via your e-banking for each individual policy
  • You can also use your credit card to make the payment. This works after registering online on our MyGenerali app.
  • Bill payment by direct debit (LSV) is only available for life insurance policies
  • Credit for liability and collision coverage during the suspension period.
  • 50% of the semi-comprehensive coverage premium will be debited during the suspension period.
  • Reinstatement fee of CHF 20.- will be charged.
  • The semi-comprehensive insurance remains in force during the plate deposit. You will be charged 50% of the partial semi-comprehensive premium.
  • You do not wish to have semi-comprehensive insurance cover during the suspension period? Please inform us in writing. You can find the form here.

The premium you have paid remains on your motor vehicle policy as a credit balance. When the license plates are redeemed, the premium already paid will be credited.

  • Would you like to redeem another, new vehicle? We will be happy to calculate a quote according to your wishes for the new vehicle. Your paid premium will be credited.
  • Have you sold the vehicle and deposited the license plates with the road traffic office (Strassenverkehrsamt)? Please contact us. We will pay you the overpaid premium. Link to the contact form.
  • Please pay the premium invoice you have already received.
  • In the case of an additional premium, the difference invoice will be sent to you after the contract has been concluded.
  • Any credit balance will be deducted from the next premium invoice.