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Domestic employees' insurance

Easy insurance for comprehensive cover

Babysitters, gardeners and housekeepers perform valuable work in order to keep your household running smoothly. That's why it's only fair to protect them against the risk of having an accident at work. By concluding insurance for domestic employees, you are not only fulfilling your protection obligation as an employer, you are also showing your employees that you value their work.

Your benefits

  • Low annual premium of CHF 100 for compulsory accident insurance
  • Easy AHV billing procedure
  • Easy and proper compliance with employer obligations
  • Easy online application


The law requires the employer to conclude compulsory accident insurance for all domestic employees. Our solution is easy and affordable. You can take out our accident insurance for your housekeepers, babysitters or gardeners for only CHF 100 per year. It protects your domestic employees in the event of accidents at work and on their way to work. And the best part is that you can easily conclude the insurance online.

The beginning and end of insurance cover are clearly regulated: Your employees are fully protected from the moment they start on their direct way to work to their direct return home.

  • Treatment costs (medical treatment, general hospital ward)
  • Daily allowance (maximum of 80% of the insured income from the third day following the accident date)
  • Disability pension (maximum of 80% of the insured income)
  • Survivors' pension (maximum of 70% for multiple surviving dependants together)


You can find out more about the individual benefits on the information sheet.

You, as the employer, pay the premium of CHF 100 per insured year. It may not be charged to the employee.

The term of the policy for compulsory accident insurance for your domestic employees is one year. At the end of one year, the contract is automatically renewed for another year. You can terminate the policy three months before it is due to expire. The policy may also be cancelled if the employment relationship is terminated.

As a rule, social insurance contributions must be paid for all employees. However, as an employer, you can benefit from a simplified billing procedure if your domestic employees do not earn more than CHF 20,880 per year. In this case, you pay the social insurance contributions only once a year instead of every month, saving you administrative work.

As a rule, social insurance contributions must be paid for every employee. If your employee meets the following requirements, you can benefit from the simplified billing procedure and you pay the amounts only once a year:

  • Domiciled in Switzerland and holds a valid work permit
  • Between 17 and 64 or 65 years of age
  • Maximum annual salary of CHF 20,880

In order to benefit from the simplified billing procedure as an employer, you essentially need to register for it only once. You'll then benefit from reduced administrative work because you'll need to settle your contributions only once a year. How to use the simplified billing procedure:

  • Fill out the registration form for the simplified billing procedure and send it to your compensation office
  • Deduct the social insurance contributions from your employee's salary each month
  • At the end of the year, settle the entire amount with the compensation office


You can also find more information on the "Simplified AHV billing procedure for employers" information sheet.