Financial investment with capital protection

The ideal combination of security and potential returns

Would you like to invest your capital safely but with the prospect of good returns ? With our INVESTA Safe life insurance, you make an initial one-time deposit of at least CHF 10,000. This will see you benefit from attractive potential returns, integrated capital protection and a guaranteed lump sum payable on death.

Why is this life insurance worth it ?

Attractive potential returns

On maturity, you benefit from potential price gains on your invested capital based on the MSCI World Minimum Volatility ESG Target Index CHF 3% Decrement. You will be investing in a globally diversified share index that also takes into account sustainability (or “ESG”) criteria.


Capital protection

Your investment is insured against any negative index developments thanks to in-built capital protection. The issuer of the investment grants capital protection of 98% on maturity of the tenyear contract term.


Lump-sum death benefit

Integrated cover in the event of death gives your surviving dependents financial security should something happen to you. For example, you can name your family or your business partner as your beneficiary – it’s up to you entirely. Inheritance privilege means the lump sum death benefit is paid out directly to the beneficiaries rather than becoming part of the deceased’s estate.

Your benefits

  • Attractive potential returns, broad diversification
  • Insurance privileges: Inheritance, bankruptcy and tax privileges
  • Guaranteed death benefit from day one of the cover
  • Tax advantages if the insurance is concluded before the policyholder’s 66th birthday
  • No medical examination

Practical example


The sample calculations illustrate the variability of benefits in the event of survival through selected scenarios. Please note that these values are purely illustrative. No claims can be derived from them. All investments involve risk, especially value fluctuations.



Performance – possible scenarios

When the index performs well, the price gains will increase the value of your life insurance on maturity. If it does not perform well, on maturity you will be paid out capital protection of 98% of the single premium you paid in.



Data, facts and figures

Limited supply: priority will be based on receipt of application and single premium.