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Pet insurance

Protecting you and your pet

The health and well-being of your pets is no doubt hugely important to you. So, make sure your faithful companions have the protection they deserve. Pet insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that if something does happen to your cat or dog, they will be well looked after.

Your pet deserves professional support when they need it. Unfortunately, accidents and illness often occur suddenly and can be very costly – leaving people without the necessary funds to pay for expensive treatment.


That’s why Generali has developed its pet insurance cover, allowing you to provide your cat or dog with the best possible medical treatment if they get sick or are involved in an accident – without you having to worry about high costs.

Vets fees

Included in the basic cover

The cost of emergency transport, hospitalisation, medical treatment, x-rays and homoeopathy in the event of accident or illness is covered up to the chosen maximum amount of CHF 2,000 or CHF 5,000 per year.

Vaccinations and therapies

Included in the basic cover

The cost of vaccinations, physiotherapy and osteopathy is covered.

Additional cover


If desired, Generali will also cover the cost of treating hereditary diseases, as well as search costs if the animal is lost or stolen and will pay a one-time death benefit.

PET Assistance


Generali's PET Assistance hotline is available if your pet goes missing, or if a pet or its owner falls ill, has an accident or dies. Our specialists will take care of everything and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.